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What NOT To Forget! Packing For Labour Checklist

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Prepping for labour is sorta like packing for vacation.

You have a plan.
An idea of where you'll be traveling, and what
you'll be doing there.

You can even internet surf, and ask others
who have already been there before.

Based on that, you make a list.
You begin to pack your items (hopefully!) a 
few weeks before that anticipated time.

Ready to go at a moment's notice.

However, just like any experienced vacationer will tell you.
Things may not go, er, exactly as you had anticipated them.

But you prep, you get ready anyway.

So, today on the blog, I'm sharing
my packing & prepping list for labour.

So you can be ready for that adventure when it begins!


I sure am counting down the days til baby arrives!

As I do, I realize I need to start packing myself.


What Not To Forget!
Packing For Labour Checklist
(to copy & print)

After the checklist, don't forget to read the awesome
story of answered prayer at the end!!!

For Mama: 

*loose fitting comfy nightgown or sleep ware

*change of clothes (2-3; depending on if c-section or natural birth; one nicer outfit to go home in)

*something warm for your feet (slippers, socks, etc.)

*toiletries & personal beauty items (deodorant, shaver, make-up, shampoo/conditioner, hair care, etc.)

*cell phone/contact list (don't forget the charger!)

*large pads (heavy duty; some even swear by using Depends afterwards)

*chapstick or gum (optional; lips may become extremely dry during labour)

*breast cream (Lanolin; if nursing then apply generously before EVERY feed; safe for baby)

*tops you feel comfortable nursing in (nursing bra, or bra that fits very loosely; I prefer sports type)

*nursing cover or lightweight blanket 

*something to help with constipation (I use magnesium; could use fiber supplement)

*reading material (in case labour is long and you've had epidural)

*health card

*insurance info (if applicable, for room, etc.)

*CD and/or CD player/MP3 player (if desire relaxing music during labour)

*anything helpful to aid in back massage (for hubby or helper in labour)

*special snacks for after labour (hospitals usually will bring something but it's usually blah!)

*change (or credit card) for parking 

*camera (if not on cell phone)

For Baby:

*pack of newborn diapers (pack a few size ones if you anticipate a bigger baby!) 
OR cloth diapers/products


*sleepers (newborn or 0-3 months; 4-5 depending on how long you anticipate being at hospital)

*onesies (especially if winter)

*nicer outfit to take home in (optional)

*anything needed to feed baby (if formula feeding; everything for bottle)

*baby blankets to swaddle baby in

*burp blankets for your shoulder after feeds

*newborn hat (usually our hospitals give, but just in case)

*mittens (if baby's nails are long, these help keep scratching at bay)

*diaper bag (could simply pack everything above in)

*snowsuit for newborns (seasonal)

*baby wash or other toiletries you desire (bum cream/powder etc.)

*car seat (CHECK DATE!)

*stroller (optional; can bring when ready to take home; snap car seat in)

For Anyone Else Attending:

*snacks & drinks for them

*money to send them on errands (hey, you might need more snacks! labour is SO tiring)

*parking money

*carmera/cell phone (charger)

*numbers for them to contact in emergency such as babysitter, parents, etc. 
(***as well as birth announcement contact list)

*toiletries (if overnight labour anticipated; toothbrush, deodorant)

*change of clothes (again if overnight labour; or sometimes they just need freshen up too)

*wallet (again, insurance info, ID, etc.)

*reading material for them (if labour goes very long)

*thank you gifts or cards (for midwife/nurse or partner: optional!)


God's Faithfulness

"God, who has called you into fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful."
1 Corinthians 1: 9

In spite of all my short comings, and flaws, I am
constantly amazed at the mercies of the Lord.

This pregnancy has been tough.
On my body & my emotions.

Things that normally never bother me when I'm not 
expecting, can really tick me off when I'm preggers!

Alongside that, there have been lots of natural stressors
in our lives.

Financial pressures.

Teens going through normal development.

Sickness (me with pregnancy & my hubby is just getting over shingles)

Disappointments. Hey, life happens.

My hubby's super busy work schedule!

Lately, I've been stressed when I think about our
upcoming year of homeschooling.

I feel inadequate. Unsure of myself.
Particularly with a new baby on the way.

I had begun to pray, however, that God would provide
a balanced break in the midst of our school week.

A long-term co-op for our children.

A homeschool co-op is basically a place where (usually once) each week
you attend with your children.

 You either share teaching roles OR get a break
from teaching altogether.

I love homeschooling, however in this season
I realize that while hubby has to work hard at his business,
I need to have some breaks in my schedule.

For my peace of mind...

In our area, there is a very well-known co-op where
parents simply drop off their older children/teens
once a week for their pre-selected classes.

I was on the wait list, and praying intently that we'd
get my older two homeschooled children in it.

Earlier in the summer, I heard news that it probably wasn't going to happen
due to their very long wait list...

Probably due to the pregnancy, one late eve I found myself crying & crying over it...

Asking God why things weren't coming together...
(that one day free a week was my hope of having a sanity break)

I surrendered it and went to bed.

That very next morning I ran into a friend at swimming lessons
who told me about a BRAND NEW co-op in our area.

For older children only, but still a full day
of learning coupled with the ever popular "socialization" aspect.

I decided to enroll our eldest (homeschooled) child into it.
Only one child could attend this particular one, 
but I knew he would enjoy the time out.

I did try once more to see if there was a remote possibility
about the original co-op being a go,
(hey, persistence pays off sometimes, right??)
but the door was slammed shut 100%.

Okay, so that's how the cookie crumbles...
well, at least I have something for the eldest one, I thought to myself.

 Not what I had been hoping for, but an answered prayer nonetheless.


Then, out of the blue, I got this email last week:

"Hi Rachael! Would you still like to join the co-op this fall? 
We are looking at our numbers and trying to see if we can fit your family in!"

This particular co-op consists of one morning out
per week, however, it has a FULL slate program for ALL of my children.

And to boot, every mama gets to attend bible study
and visit with other Mamas while the children are in class
(my extravert heart craves this so).

I felt elated at this new offer!

First, I talked pricing, and how many days per term, etc.
Hubby & I discussed it, and we came to the 
conclusion that this would be a wise investment
in this very hectic season to allow me to
refuel :)

Even as I write this, I am crying again knowing how much
this (seemingly small) answered prayer means to me
in this season.

He has heard the cries of a (sometimes overwhelmed) mother's


Question on blog: what do you ALWAYS
ensure to pack for labour?

And, what are some of God's answered prayers
to you lately?




Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Wonderful World Of Being Pregnant!

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I'm currently in my 34th week of pregnancy.
& I have to admit that I can't wait to be done!

The discomforts are getting to me...

I don't have the luxury of babying myself,
as in times of expecting in the past.

and most days it is really really crazy busy.

(courtesy of


Pregnancy isn't easy for most of us.
(although I do have a few friends that maintain
that they could barely notice their condition...pshaw!)

Today, I want to discuss some of the joys & trials of pregnancy.


The Wonderful World
Of Being Pregnant

This is my pregnancy MO in a nutshell:

First Trimester Woes: intense nausea, all day fatigue, constant cravings, everything
smelling so intense it about drives me crazy, moodiness commences, wake up to go the bathroom throughout the night, excited for baby but beginning to wonder what craziness possessed me to do this pregnancy thing again!!!

Second Trimester Fun: ever expanding belly, immune system lowered so increased
rashes & allergic reactions, excited for baby but continuing to re-think the whole pregnancy thing, just starting the discomforts of back, hip & leg pain; forgetfulness, continue
with moodiness

Third Trimester Countdown: super duper expanding belly, people ask me on a regular basis if I'm having twins OR if I'm due any day now, back/hip/leg pain increasing, 
up through the night to go the bathroom again, tons of swelling & pressure all over,
feeling ready to deliver any day now...
(still rethinking the whole baby thing...have to be continually reminded of the outcome!)

Can anyone else relate??


So the pattern I experience is this:

 I fight a constant battle in my mind to overcome
the physical & emotional pressure of pregnancy,
and keep the end goal in mind: a baby.

I LOVE children.

I love all of the children that God has
graciously blessed us with.

"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3

Even on the hard days.
The really really hard ones.
(and yes, I have them)

Pregnancy for me is a trial 
that I've willingly signed on
for that lasts about 10 months.


The beautiful JOYS of pregnancy are there as well.

The first time you feel that flutter
deep inside your belly.


That first ultrasound.

You can hardly believe there's another 
living being inside of you!

When you are finally able to feel the baby move
from the outside.

Hubby, and if you have other kidlets,
can now feel it too...

Special moments.


However, the absolute BEST moment for me
during pregnancy is this: when it ends.

Once I feel that precious child
come out & the midwife pulls
him or her onto my belly.

I look into those sweet clear eyes,
and I am always floored
at the emotions that overtake me.

Then I know that it was all worth it...

Every single moment.

Every single trial.

Every single hardship.

All of this for new life.

And I wouldn't trade it for the whole world!


***Special Note: This article is
for educational purposes only. For anything medical related,
you are to see your health care provider


Question on blog: what has been
your most special moment in pregnancy?




Sunday, August 7, 2016

5 Tips For Calming The Chaos With Tots!

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My first two babies were only 16 months apart.

After our second baby boy turned 1, we then officially had
TWO tots in the house.

It was crazy, crazy busy!!

I remember the feeling of being completely overwhelmed...

Now with number 7 on the way,
and a 1 & a 2-year-old already on the scene,
I'm living in that season again.

Having tots in the home definitely calls for some adjustments.


5 Tips For Calming
The Chaos With Tots

1) Keep your schedule simple.

When you're raising toddlers, you will often feel tired.
It's NOT easy to keep up with constantly moving & busy 
little ones. 

Don't overbook your tot's schedule OR yours.

However, having a general plan of what you want the day to look like
 will help everything to flow much better. Toddlers also seem to fare
better with routine.

You should plan your day out, but remember to do it very very loosely.
(toddlers are famous for interrupting our very best of plans!)

2) Have reasonable expectations.

What is reasonable behaviour for their age?
There are many great sites with that info (here's one), but in general,
do NOT expect your one-year-old to behave like a two-year-old, 
and so on & so forth.

Children should have reasonable limits set, and as they grow,
you can begin teaching your toddler which behaviours
are acceptable.

I won't get into the gamut of consequences/discipline techniques
that are out there. I use a variety myself.

Just ensure that your young one is fully able to understand what you're 
expecting of them. 

Once they do, then consistently enforce the boundaries.

3) Nourish them well.

that well nourished our souls.

However, that said, we ate WAY too much junk food!

I learned a lesson I've had to be reminded of many times:
too much non-nourishing food & your tot will pay.

This time, our tot developed very loose stools & a bloated tummy...

Since being home, we've started him on some probiotics,
and already nourished him with much better food choices.

He seems in better spirits already.

***The basics: adequate quality protein, good fats, complex carbs, and plenty
of veggies & fruits (although fruit juice should be limited).

4) Make time for rest.

Toddlers play hard, but they also need to rest "hard". Plus, if
your tot is NOT resting enough, you will pay for it with
extra tantrums, and most likely a pretty grumpy
demeanor...just not worth it!

This would include regular nap times for your little ones
(1-3 naps depending on your tot's needs), as well as times 
where you get to rest.

I can't nap during the day (unless Dad is home), but I 
take full advantage of weekends where I can take
it a bit easier.

5) Keep a pretty steady bedtime routine.

Toddlers love routines.
They particularly seem to thrive when their bedtimes
are structured (even loosely).

In fact, our 2-year-old will recite to us
what is supposed to happen next. 

"Okay, now Daddy is going to read me a story, then..."

Usually, for us, this means time with Daddy (since he worked
most of the day), and a story, pj's on, and teeth cleaned.
Lastly, a song or two, and prayer. 

Simple, but it works!

****BONUS! Have a good solid support system.

I know I said I'd only share FIVE tips, but
this one probably takes the cake.

When you're raising a tot or two (or more!), you NEED
back up. Reinforcement.

Example include --> Babysitters, family support,
library story times, play groups, friends to get together with,
and of course, church or mom groups are also fantastic!

Just ensure you have some support.

If you're struggling to find support in your area, consider
checking out a nearby church. They usually have
regular mom activities going on. (and if they don't, ask around for 
one that does).


***Special Note: This article is
for educational purposes only. For anything medical related,
you are to see your health care provider


Question on blog: what tip(s) have you 
found to be helpful in raising YOUR toddler?





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