Thursday, November 5, 2009


Does any other mothers feel like they try to do too much in one day? Or try to "be" too much to too many people? Or even try to have: too many friends, too many commitments and and too many goals? This morning I found myself WAY too busy and it was my own fault! No one else to blame....but myself (even my hubby couldn't be my scapegoat this morn).

You see...I had an enjoyable time with two other mothers and their children over at our house this morning. That wasn't the issue. It was me trying to clean (or should I say..OVERHAUL) my home before and after they left..It was me trying to phone people on my "to call" list and email/facebook people on my "to contact" list before and after....Okay I am just going to confess it: life is too complicated without me trying to have unrealistic expectations of myself. I am a stay at home mother and MY HOUSE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE IMMACULATE! I might not get to EVERYTHING on my to-do list. There now...I said it and I feel better already :) Lots of love to all the other mothers out there fighting the dustbunnies and turning off their answering machines....

Rachael D.

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