Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am officially a HOMESCHOOL mom!

~It's been SIX WHOLE DAYS since we began our homeschool journey! ~

How lovely is that? ...we have made it six whole days!! But seriously, when my husband and I first explored the idea of homeschooling I was SO certain that I would not be able to do it. period. end of argument.

However, as we began exploring the idea of homeschooling (the 'why' behind it) and met some homeschool veterans my confidence began to build. and build. and build. I read a whole whackload of books. Searched the internet regularly. Engaged in conversations with those in the 'know.

I am still unsure if after this year we will continue. With 4 children at varying levels I can already see this is not a journey for the faint of heart. Most evenings since we have started, I have been incredibly, INCREDIBLY tired. I usually am not 100% coherent when my husband returns home in the evening (maybe that's an exaggeration, but not too much of one!!!). I find I am more forgetful. I'm not cleaning as much (mind you I was always a bit of a zealous clean freak, so this is prob a good thing actually!!!). I am sure my close friends have already noticed that I am a bit..well, uh busier and more unavailable than I was a couple of weeks ago. My hubby is getting used to me wanting a break sometime after he gets home. I am foreseeing that our bank account might suffer for awhile (I used to work part-time in the not so distant past)...

But I am already seeing such positive changes! I am seeing our 4 year begin the first steps towards reading. My older children are reading more...on their own! My kids are seeming (most of the time) to get along better...my house is getting cleaned by my 4 little helpers (delegate! delegate! delegate!...not to forget did I mention 'work ethic'?)...I am researching new info alongside the kids (so growing in the journey right alongside of them)...we are eating out less...staying in more during the day...meeting new friends along the journey (homeschool support groups...gotta love 'em).

Ask me at the end of this week how much I love homeschooling. For now, I am a growing Mom in the process :) :)

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