Monday, September 24, 2012

Dealing with Disappointment

It's been a busy few days......I finished my FINAL exam for a course I've been taking...for oh, like 3 years. I was so excited to be finally done, but the excitement seemed to be overshadowed by the intense fatigue that set in after a long hard month of studying for it. Yesterday was a very tiring day..

But now today began a fresh week. A week with lots of hope, fresh ideas floating around in my mind, and yes, lots of brainstorming on my part. I figured that now that I've finished my course I am ready to move forward and take on the world. Go forward, move along. Nothing can get in my way.

As so often happens in our lives, I met with some resistance after my initial exhurberance. Nothing major. Nothing that most people can't handle but the disappointment that can set in so often after we set out on a journey with such large, lofty aspirations swimming around on the inside...

Today, was not a good day by any stretch. On many levels. The kids didn't seem to be listening. One of them gave me such a hard time with my homeschooling that my husband had to come home to help out. A party event I had been working on, planning for the last few weeks actually, met with little to no response on the part of those our family had invited. Friends I had been waiting to hear from never responded. My husband had a really bad day at work. The dog puked in the house...not once but twice! And did I mention  our pooch choose today to have an 'accident' in our school room...did I mention my Mother told me that some of my extended family had another blow out with one another..did I mention...did I mention :)

Some days just don't 'feel' as good as others, do they? Some days you just feel like, so what's the point of all of this? Why all the effort when it seems my 'best' is met with mediocre results, okay at best.

As I sit here tonight and try to disengage from my hectic day some thoughts came to me...

1) it is okay to have days that are disappointing

2) we all have them, no matter what spin we may choose to put on them

3) my perspective can change my entire response altogether. this alone is in my hands.

So I sit back and take some time to reflect: was today all that bad?? Well, for starters...I got more than one hug from each one of my children today. I did have a friend, that I dearly adore, text me just to say 'she misses me'. My grandmother sent me an email letting me know "she can't wait for us to come visit". My husband gave me a back message after work (on my ohh so tired muscles!). My kids ended the day playing well together. My event still has hope, maybe some of the friends didn't have the time to respond yet.
The dog stopped puking. The supper was deelish. The bills are paid. We have a house. There's always a new day tomorrow...

And most of all I remember that I have a Creator that loves me and understands WHATEVER kind of day I've had :)

...and for the record: I think I just may sleep quite, quite contently tonight!

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