Sunday, September 16, 2012

He is worth it all!

It's been a hectic few weeks. Late nights. Studying. More late nights. School with the kids. Early morns. Church. Small Group. Friends. Family. Calls. Texts. Emails. Don't forget tweets and facebook feed updates and responses to all the messages. Cooking. Cleaning. Exercising. Time with hubby. Sleeping. REPEAT!
Need I say more? :)

Anywhooo...I woke up this morning with a heavy burden on my shoulders. My exam, that is coming up in less than one week, was pressing in on me. Worth half of the final grade of my diploma (that I've been working on long-distance for the past 3 years), and to top it all off you need an 80% to pass. A lot of pressure needless to say. Hence the pressing weight I was feeling this morn.

I came down the stairs and decided to do something I don't usually do in the morning....I turned on my computer and searched for some worship music. Just a tune that had easy to follow words that I could sing/hum along with. I found one and began to sing until I came to the point where I felt like letting 'er rip! I sang, and sang, and sang some more. Afterwards, I felt lighter somehow. Refreshed. Like dancing around my house! I didn't want to stop but my husband said we had to go for our appointment. I didn't want to. It had only been a few songs...could we sing some more?? It was a short time, but an AMAZING time nonetheless.

That, I believe, is the power of turning our focus off of ourselves. From ourselves unto our Creator and giving Him the honour and praise that He deserves. Giving Him our focus and our attention allows us to begin to think of our circumstances as inconsequential next to our eternity. It changed my whole perspective and lightened my load.

That, my friends, was a simple reminder to myself today, that HE alone is worth it all :)

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