Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visions & Dreams...

Definition of Dream--> a strongly desired goal or purpose

Definition of Vision--> the act or power of seeing : sight

Do you ever remember when you were a child, and the teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you 'grew up', what you actually shared with her??

I do...I wanted to be: a firefighter, a writer, an actress, etc. etc....also a teacher and a Mom. I guess some dreams DO actually come true :)

Lately, when I ask my own children what they aspire to be, I am hearing: a spy, watch babies, take care of horses, a race car driver. Hmmm...which one of these will actually come true?

When I think of how God created us all unique (and I mean some of us are MORE unique than others...I digress!) with various gifts, differing talents, a wide range of looks, different interests, unique is quite obvious that God didn't intend all of us to be cookie cutters of each other. I don't think that applies to any area of our lives more than our visions and dreams.

Yet. So often. We hopelessly get lost in life by functioning on what I like to think of as 'auto pilot' (I get up, I eat, I go to work, I pick up the kids, etc. etc.) We lose our passions. We diminish our creativity. We don't really have a purpose of the WHY behind each one of our activities.

Recently I was asked by a mentor of mine to begin thinking of specific dreams/goals/visions that I desire in each area of my life (mental, career, physical, relational, financially, you name it!) I began to think..I began to ponder...

What is it that I'm living for each day anyway? Why am I doing what I'm doing? And where am I going?
Some areas of my life I can honestly say I had an answer for...others I did not.

So I've began journaling again...and dreaming. and pondering. and believing for bigger things. and stirring up hope in other areas that I had lost hope... for a long time....

I feel that it is a necessary task in life to re-evaluate ourselves. Often. Very often. Life is really too short to do otherwise, and our greater purposes are too great to neglect.


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