Sunday, October 7, 2012

~Happy Thanksgiving!!~

In light of this special weekend I have created my own TOP TEN list...


1) my hubby (my husband just came in while I was typing, saw he was number 1 & started cheering! oh boy...)

2) my 4 beautiful and almost (smile) perfect children

3) our lovely church family (a group of people that have been so accepting & loving towards me, especially during my hardest trials)

4) all my of my extended family (in our imperfections I truly believe God's grace can shine the brightest)

5) our home (after 8 years of praying & waiting for a home to meet our needs, this has been a great reminder that God truly cares about our needs-each and every one!)

6) my friends (a group of awesome ladies, I appreciate their support soo much! I have so many diverse friends. I appreciate them all in their own uniqueness.)

7) my health (although I've battled small health concerns over my lifetime I am truly thankful for the energy I have each day to arise & get going)

8) provision (I've gone through really lean times -like when I lived as a single mother on welfare, and then on goverment loans to finish my degree-but I have always, always had food on my table and a place to sleep)

9) joy (there was a time in my life when I would say I was severely depressed...that time is now only a faint memory. Although at some points during my adult life I have felt a shorter term depression or sadness coming on, I have never gone through what I went through as a teenager. I have an enduring hope in Christ)

10) my dreams (sounds a bit cheesy, I know. But seriously I have some pretty awesome dreams in my heart that keep me going on my 'tough' days...some of my dreams have already come to pass (like getting married, and having children) and some I believe will one day manifest. In the meantime I hold onto my current dreams and keep my mind open for more!)

*** Maybe it's time your started your OWN thankful list....enjoy your Thanksgiving!

(recommended read--> "A Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp, you can follow her on Twitter as well)

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