Thursday, November 29, 2012

A reminder of God's kaleidoscope...

"Jesus loves the little children....

ALL the children of the world...." while reading an article from a magazine....I was struck...
.......there really ARE so many children around the world!!!

Some living in abundance, some in lack....some with a wonderful Mother & Father...maybe a sibling..or two...or MORE!

Some with only a single parent...some left alone...or with a foster parent...or perhaps another substitute guardian.

Some living with 'perfect' health...other struggling with a difficult sickness...or perhaps a disability.

Some with the beauty that draws smiles from onlookers...others that draw smiles ONLY from those who can see them for WHO they really are :)

Some are generally happy and trustful...others seem bent on making life a whirlwind from the time they arrive!

Boys...and girls! Twins & other multiples...

Yet, one thing they have in common.

All needing unconditional love & acceptance.

A caring hand help guide them through this journey we call life.

Perhaps that's why Jesus never stopped the little ones from coming to Him...He said, "Bring them to Me."

I imagine children coming & cuddling on His lap, safe & content in His loving arms.

"Red, & yellow, black & white...
They are PRECIOUS in His sight...
Jesus, loves the little children of the world"

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