Monday, November 26, 2012's like going on a trip!

How often do you travel?

More importantly, how often do you travel WITH children? If you haven't had the privilege of doing both than I assure that traveling with children is an entirely DIFFERENT experience than doing it alone!!

How about parenting? How many of us find parenting easy? I mean, REALLY easy that it requires minimal effort. So easy that you almost FORGET that you're doing it. So easy that you could have a billion other activities simultaneously going on & you would be fine. Okay. No sweat involved. You got this one baby!!!

Okay, so I'm being sarcastic. If you're a parent you're either smirking, or rolling your eyes...

What is my point??

Parenting IS hard work. Parenting does take a lot of planning. A LOT of hard sweat, often tears, and sometimes pain. Personal growth is NECESSARY and definitely involved.

Now, take your parenting to the next level...imagine you heard a commercial like this.....

"Hey parents!! Have you ever felt like life was way TOO easy? That you weren't being CHALLENGED enough in your weekday?? That perhaps you could use a little less "ME" time???"

"Wait a second...there's more!! Do you just find yourself feeling that your house is a bit TOO organized, TOO clean & orderly?! How about life in general? I bet you find it's not THAT exciting & lively enough???...well, we have something that will meet your needs & more!!! It's called.... HOMESCHOOL!!"

"That's right! You heard it here first...homeschool is where you take parenting to a whole NEW dimension actually! You will get the privilege of spending the ENTIRE day with your kiddos. Teaching...that'll be you. Training...that'll be you again...Cleaning the house & organizing...well, that will slide a bit...'me' time & social time...well, we can't promise you the moon...heheheh.." Commercial fades...

Since the beginning of my homeschool journey this year I have had MANY surprises....

Don't get me wrong though...there have been MANY, many blessings of course! Many awesome & cuddly moments. I've eavesdropped, & heard with great pleasure, our children bonding together in a deeper way. Many "eureka!" moments when one of the kids learned something new....

....Or how about the satisfaction of being an integral part of my childrens' education. Nope, you can't buy that.

But there have been many challenges. Many times I've wanted to quit (even in just 3 short months!). Many times I've called my hubby in tears and said, "Please come home early....pleeeeezzzzee!!”

Many times I've wondered why people do this at all....

I feel like homeschooling should have a handbook. A BIG handbook written by seasoned homeschoolers. It should be read & re-read by all those who are interested in trying out this particular pursuit.

I must digress and share I did find many books at the library that attempted to fulfill such a task...but many of them (not all of them, thank goodness!) didn't share the ins & outs of practical homeschooling...and how much your life will really change!

You WILL be challenged....but you will find JOY as well...and did I mention you will be challenged!!!

That's why I feel like homeschooling is similar to going on a trip. You pay for your try to make sure everything's ready, but in fact you may find you forgot something. No worries. It'll work out okay...

You bring your camera. You have great expectations. You are counting down the days!

But then the trip begins....& of course there will be setbacks.....there may be 'delayed flights', 'rainy days' and more than likely 'long periods of waiting around for those fun moments you heard the trip advisor raving about" (smile).

The trip WILL ultimately be fun. I'm assured that the trip WILL be rewarding...however, ultimately you better enjoy the whole experience cuz this TRIP...well it's one made up of many small, yet special, moments :) Precious memories you will carry for a lifetime.

Parenting...that's a challenge for sure. Payoff=amazing!

 But homeschooling...challenging to the MAX! ....payoff though...=unforgettable!

To the seasoned I salute you!

(Now off to grade some work!)


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