Thursday, November 15, 2012

& If I ever need a laugh....

Some "I'm thankful" thoughts today..

One of the greatest sources of inspiration in my life would have to be children! They know how to get Mama to smile :)

And they don't usually do it on purpose either...

Every night before I tuck the little ones in, I try to get a few minutes with each one of them. All by themselves. Just Me & Them.

I must admit that with a larger family (only four, but enough to keep me hopping!) it is often difficult to spend individual time throughout the day with each child. So, I find this special time is truly treasured.

And IF I somehow forget to come by their rooms (not too too often though...) they will call out to me from their beds..."MOMMY! MOMMY! Are you coming to tuck me in? Pleeezzzee!! Don't forget me!"

Often these nights are filled with the cutest little questions. Or phrases. Or chuckles. Or tickles. Best moments that a Mama could ever dream of.

Tonight was no exception.

My youngest (he's 5) asked me about heaven again (one of his fav topics of late).

"So many days until we get there, to heaven?"
"I'm not sure exactly.."
"Is it one??"
"Well, I hope not. Uh, Mommy doesn't know."
"Mom, are there gold signs in heaven? Or do you think they're made of wood?"
"I think more likely gold....but not sure."
"Uh, Mom..can you tickle me??"
"Of course!!" and into a round of tickles/chuckles/laughs we go!

As you can see none of our conversations 'keep to one particular topic' or 'stay too serious'.....but that's not the point.

The point is that THESE are the one-of-a-kind memories I don't want to take for granted.....

Soon these moments will be finished...sigh....and the season of life will change....

I hope when all is said and done (that is: when my children fly the coop!) that they will choose NOT to focus on the negative events they've experienced, but instead will remember those sweet 'little' moments of growing up.....

Like the ones that take place with Mama at bedtime :)



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