Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I love to read...

I always have....

In my first grade I won a reading contest...I remember chowing down at least 200 books! Yes, I was a little bookworm, as my Mother can attest too :)

So now that I have 4 children you can only imagine the amount of parenting books that I've read...

Ones that say this & ones that say that...ones I've never bothered to finish. Too much theory & not enough practical information.

I know when I became a first-time parent (about 13 years ago) I was on the prowl for info to help me adjust.....and since then there have been many OTHER reasons I have kept going, kept pursuing good parenting books. I have searched & purchased many. Some I simply perused at our local library.

My favs are those that focus on PRACTICAL parenting skills.

Today, I share my TOP TEN LIST with you. This is not exhaustive....there are many other good reads for parents out there. But these are 10 that I can attest really helped me in some way, shape or form. Maybe something will catch your eye & perhaps you'll find a new one to add to your 'must read' list. Enjoy!!

1) No Extraordinary Child By Denise Mira

This one can be purchased from Amazon or google her home website. She is a mother of FIVE boys!! She homeschooled all five of them....Denise shares about training our children properly in many arenas of life. Her passion is to raise young leaders, and from what I can tell she has done an amazing job so far. Great read :)

2) The Strong-Willed Child By Dr. James Dobson

I read this one after my first born came...he was very strong-willed! You will learn from this book that being strong-willed does NOT have to be a negative aspect of anyone's just may be a rougher ride on the journey. Gives lots of practical advice on how to help your strong-willed child develop into a leader. Loved it!

3) On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo and Dr. Robert Bucknam

This one is an essential to read BEFORE you give birth. I thank a good friend of mine for recommending it to me. When my 2 eldest children were born sixteen months apart you can ONLY imagine the need to encourage them to sleep through the night. I followed this recommended program with all of my children..... and it worked! They gained weight very well, and it was so blissful to have a full night's sleep for most of the first year. ***Note: with my eldest child I was stubborn, so I didn't begin until he was 8 months old. Big mistake! Better to begin right from the get-go.

4) On Becoming Childwise By Garry Ezzo & Dr. Robert Bucknam

Gary Ezzo actually has an entire series covering the whole gamut of child-rearing. This one (along with the one featured above) are the two I found most helpful. The ages from 3-7 is an interesting time period. They're not tots anymore, yet not quite tweens. They are learning to develop their moral character in major ways during this period. I found each of my children asking deeper questions, and beginning to understand more about the world around them. This is a great companion for any parent with a child in this age bracket.

5) The Five Love Languages for Children By Gary Chapman & Dr. Ross Campbell

What a helpful book! Ever wonder why two of your children do NOT respond the same way to your loving gestures?? Every child has a different way they will perceive your love, and actually the authors narrow it down to five in particular-->acts of service, gifts, time, touch & words of affirmation. Read this book & get a handle on how to show YOUR particular child how much you love 'em!

6) Hide or Seek by Dr. James Dobson (or the updated "The New Hide or Seek")

This book not only affected some of my parenting strategies, it helped me understand WHY many people act the way they do when they feel inferior. Strongly recommended for all parents...not matter WHAT age your children are.

7) The Great Physician's RX for Children's Health by Jordan Rubin with Dr. Fiona Blair

Being interested in our children’s' health is certainly not a new phenomena. However, the amount of conflicting information out there has certainly grown! This book simplifies and overviews: food choices, supplements for kids, a balanced view of vaccinations, and exercise!

Certainly a great read if you're looking to improve your family's health :)

8) The Battlefield of the Mind By Joyce Meyer

Why do you say is this book included in a top ten list of PARENTING books?? Cuz you cannot be an effective parent if you are thinking poorly! This book (and this author in general I must add!) has helped me tremendously in gaining control over any anxious thoughts about the future of my children.

***This author ALSO has editions specifically for children or teens. My eldest has read the children's edition and it helped him a lot with some of his negative thought patterns. Also highly recommended reads!

9) ***This reco is specific to homeschooling parents.

Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling By Mary Pride

Best book out there if you are, or have ever considered homeschooling! Complete with details on every type of philosophy out there in the (actually VERY large) world of homeschooling, it will become your best friend. I read it over & over when I first considered homeschooling. Once I began meeting homeschoolers it helped me to understand the 'lingo' & wade my way through numerous curriculum sales. Great read & very well organized!

10) My TOP PICK for parenting help would have to be this book-->

The bible. Maybe some of you are surprised...

Of course, mine does not look like the one above (they have study ones now, different translations as well, notes to help us better understand the culture, ones that are audio, computer down-loaded options, topical studies, and much more!) but all of them in actuality DO have the same verses & the same content.

The bible isn't normally listed in topical sections, so it's best to use a concordance, or another book that has sorted it out for you. Nonetheless, the bible has offered me MORE wisdom on parenting that I have ever found elsewhere. I sometimes just read through the book of Proverbs to glean parenting tips. Ephesians has great thoughts on family life. Both Timothys as well.

Anyway, this one is up to you to get into and dig. Google a bible online if you don't already have one. They're free & usually fairly easy to use.

Well that's top ten list. Hope you've found it helpful. As stated above, there are MANY other great authors I could mention...but these are a few of my favs!! Happy reading :)


  1. Hi Rach, Great list of reading. Let me also recommend:

    Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, Second Edition by Paul Tripp

    Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp

    Instructing a Child’s Heart by Tedd and Marcy Tripp

    Visiting from "What Joy is Mine" Monday link-up. God bless, Maria fromDelight Directed Living

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestions Maria! I've read "Shepherding a Child's Heart" but not the others...great being able to share with one another :)

  2. I really like Baby Wise! Great post! :)
    Jayma |

  3. Great resources, Rach! Two of my favorites are Bringing Up Girls and Bringing Up Boys by Dr. Dobson (since I have one of each). Stopped in from the Modest Mom link-up!

  4. I love the Love Languages for Children! Thank you for a wonderful list to read over and explore. :)

    1. I know, what a goodie!
      Thanks so much for stopping by Niki :)

  5. We are doing everything we can to give our son the foundation and understanding he needs to succeed in his faith. I've been reading a great new book by Dr. Tony Evans. One of the goals of the book is to help parents grow in confidence as they discover their worth as a parent based on God's Word. It’s called "Raising Kingdom Kids: Giving Your Child a Living Faith." He says, "It's far easier to SHAPE A CHILD than to REPAIR AN ADULT. Raising kids who recognize and retain their identity as children of the King launches healthy adults who have the capacity to stand strong in their faith." Equipping and guiding our children starts with us, parents! This is the most solid, thorough, inspirational and affirming parent book I've ever read! I love it and HIGHLY recommend it for all parents!



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