Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cast Your Care!

An area I feel that I've been challenged in recently is worry...

Ok, for example...

...sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with any number of situations: maybe relating to my kids...with my spouse...the busy holidays...with various relationships... with the name it! Anything can easily become a situation leading to worry, if we allow it.

Sometimes I actually find myself fighting doubts...


wanting to quit...

angry on the inside...

frustrated and ready to boil over. Anyone else ever felt like that??

I'm guessing if you said no you're probably not telling the truth :) Let's be real here.

Before I became a woman of faith, who entered into a relationship with Christ, I addressed all my worries by doing a variety of things...

I would try to forget them. By drinking. Or drugs. Or by just trying to have a good time.

I would try to ignore them. By hiding from them. By pretending they didn't exist.

Or sometimes I would try to 'fix' something myself... By confronting in anger. By screaming at someone. By taking my frustration to someone else (in other words gossiping!).

Yet none of these ways really worked...nothing really got solved.

After I became a Christian and read in the bible that, "Hey, God does actually CARE about me. I just have to speak my mind to Him. I can actually talk to Him." I had a new revelation: I was no longer ALONE in the fight!

Well, than what is NOW the problem? Why, do I still struggle to give my cares and worries to Him? Why do I still try to hold onto them like they were my last 'dollar and I can't get no more'?!

I listened to a message today by Joyce Meyer about "Moving Beyond Worry & Anxiety" & I was reminded that we TRULY have to set our hearts and refuse to worry; it is a decision we need to make.

Alongside of that, we NEED to pray about the situation. Through what Jesus has done on the cross we now have access to we can freely: CAST OUR CARES ON HIM! We have to choose to believe & understand we are not alone. Even when we feel like we are...

We do not have to stay stressed. Even when we are riding out a storm.

We can rise about our feelings of fear. Even when we are shaking in our boots, so to speak.

I came home from a busy morning today. I had much on my mind. Many situations that seemed to cry out for their attention. Little children that need help with tasks. A spouse to catch up with. Friends to connect with & firm up holiday plans with.

When I first walked into the door I felt like I was swimming in an mind was in worry mode.

I immediately recognized the danger of staying in that mode too long, been there & done that (bought the t-shirt!!!) so I decided to get out the Word. My weapon in time of need.

***"Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you. I Peter 5: 7 (NLT)

This scripture clearly says that we should, no NEED, to give ALL of our worries & cares to our Heavenly Father!

And why? Because this scripture says He CARES about us!!!

So in simplicity I did. I prayed. I came to Him...

Ahh...felt the relief...

How about you? Are you struggling in a 'worry mode' as well? Do you have a pressing need on your heart? Is the busyness of this Christmas season feeling like its too much??

If you are still having a hard time casting your care, I would encourage you to find someone you can talk to. Another who is further along in the journey than you are & can help you along. Woman to woman, or man to man...we can hold each other accountable! Accountability is another important factor that has helped me MANY a time when I've felt overwhelmed.

May I remind you, that YOU are not alone today. YOU are loved. YOU are cherished. YOU have the ability to move forward in your life. YOU do not have to give up!

No matter how life may matter how chaotic this season can matter how circumstances may feel today...

Cast your care.

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  1. Lately, it’s not so much ‘worry’ as it is absolute FEAR. But worry and fear are (at least can be) synonyms, right!? They totally are. Good post. From forever ago. Again. ;-) Thank you. <3



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