Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Honourable Mentions...

This is PART 2 of my post on PARENTING RESOURCES.... 3 more honourable mentions I didn't include in my TOP TEN but could have been. They are great treasures for the parent seeking to 'up their game'!

1)  The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian

Great devotion that can be followed one a day for a month OR at your leisure. I have prayed the chapters in this book over...and over...and over again. She gives personal examples as well. One of my favs!

2) & 3) These two belong together...both awesome books! Bringing Up Boys & Bringing Up Girls; both by Dr. James Dobson

No matter what people may try to tell you...boys & girls are NOT the same!

I remember graduating from university believing I would proudly raise my firstborn son as a 'unisex' child....meaning I would offer him BOTH gender opportunities for everything (i.e. boy and girl toys, paraphenalia, activities. etc). He took my doll collection and 'beat it up'. He threw the little babies around the room. He jumped off of the furniture. He peed on my carpets. I had many moments wondering what kind of 'child' I gave birth too. I guess you could just sum it up: a boy. Yah right they're the same.

Then a few years later came my daughter....she cuddled everything in sight, actually sat still without reminders at story time, and still likes to be the secondary Mom of our home...definitely NOT a boy!

I do realize boys & girls may differ a lot between themselves as well, but I cannot agree that we both genders are fundamently the same from birth. Nope, at least not in this household...

Anyway, I digress :)

All of these are also excellent reads to be additions to your library at home.

Happy reading!!

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