Sunday, December 23, 2012

'We lay our crowns'...

I woke up refreshed this morning...and as my feet hit the ground my desire to have a 'quiet time' (prayer & reading of the bible) was interrupted by thoughts of: my to-do list, people to call, emails to send, chores that need finishing, children that are waiting for attention...our morning thoughts can sometimes be endless & overwhelming...

Another thought enters my heart...go downstairs and turn on some worship music. Aha! A great idea...this always helps my focus.

I come down the stairs, my eyes still not fully awake, and go to my special spot. I play some of my favs on YouTube (Jesus Culture playlist was my choice this morn)...

I begin to pray. 

I still feel empty. Distracting thoughts continue to press in.

I read some passages. This morn I read 1 John 4: 7-12 & it begins to speak to my heart. Loving God & loving people. The love of's really so simple.

Then a song I haven't heard in ages begins to play in my heart:

"We fall down,
We lay our crowns,
At the feet of Jesus..."

What a fitting chorus for this holiday season...

Does anything about this chorus speak to me this morning??

In this season with the hustle & bustle of the I REALLY remembering whose birth I am celebrating? Do I need a gentle reminder that the babe in the manger grew up to be so much more...

What is a crown anyway?

***crown (kroun)

1. An ornamental circlet or head covering, often made of precious metal set with jewels and worn as a symbol of sovereignty.

2. often Crown
a. The power, position, or empire of a monarch or of a state governed by constitutional monarchy.
b. The monarch as head of state.

3. A distinction or reward for achievement, especially a title signifying championship in a sport.

(courtesy of

I realize that this song may predominantly focus on the scriptures that tell us that one day we will lay down literal crowns at the feet of Jesus, after we enter into eternity...I'm not a theologian so I won't touch on that aspect here :)

However, what spoke to me this morning is this:

Are there any positions in my life, any significant achievements, any titles, anything that I feel makes me 'important'...are any of these vying for my attention more than Him?

During this Christmas season am I giving more significance to my actions & activities than to my heart condition towards the Saviour? Towards the One who makes all of my life possible?

Some of you may find the analogy extreme...

You can always read about in some of my first posts, but my entire life has been transformed by my faith in my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. I have noone else that can take the credit.

Although He did use many people to aid me, to help & inspire me to move along in my faith...first & foremost I am truly indebted to Christ. Without Him I don't know where I'd be...

I was a mess before Christ...I was an absolute mess. I am not exaggerating.

I still stumble. I still struggle to give full Lordship each & every day to Him. To trust Him with my entire being. To not look back on my past mistakes as a reference for my future...

And to not get distracted with my earthly 'crowns' of so-called achievement & significance...

Perhaps that's why today I remembered this song...

Let's remember the true reason for our celebrating this holiday.

While enjoying the visits, the meals, the gifts, even the church services and the excitement...let's not forget our King!
**Watch the entire song by Chris Tomlin on YouTube. Enjoy!

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