Monday, January 21, 2013

Keeping Our Focus

Another homeschool morning & to be honest I am feeling a bit overwhelmed...

...a funeral to get ready for in a few hours.

...a small group tonight and tomorrow night.

...a business event next week to continue prepping for.

...a house of kids to teach.

One thing I've noticed about homeschooling IS that if you don't make it a priority in your life & schedule it...well, then many other pursuits & interests will try to 'threaten' its importance. At least that's been my experience this school year.

NOTE: If anyone out there has found a way to make your kids enjoy schooling EVERY single day please message me! I'd love to chat :)

This is a short blog today, but a good reminder for us all: if we've chosen to homeschool our children this year, then THAT is part of our calling.

The other stuff may have to wait. The other stuff may have to be downgraded a priority or two at times.

And if a true emergency arises (I would say the funeral today would fit in that category) that we can be flexible, knowing that we are being diligent the other days of the week.

A good reminder for myself today...

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