Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Interruptions

After about 3 weeks of a break from homeschool, I dove in last week to our school work. With four energetic children who had been out of the routine for awhile, it was no small task!

Last week we broke out of our 'sleeping in' and 'easy-going' mornings to one where chores & school work began to take more of an importance in our day again. With a few half-days followed by a full-day schedule, I feel like we've made it back into our routine.

One thing I noticed about homeschooling though, and parenting in general, is that as the 'facilitator' of your school you have to learn to be FLEXIBLE! That's right, flexible. Something that has never been one of my strong traits.

Every morning as I complete the tasks at hand to prepare for our day, I have to gather up a lot of patience. Little ones don't move as fast as we do...

It is inevitable that as I begin to wash the dishes, or sweep our floors, or fold the laundry, or prepare our school books...I will get questions. Lots & lots of questions. Sometimes comments. Little feet will begin to shadow mine. Curious minds will begin to desire answers. Pondering eyes will search in earnest for my attention...& I have to confess not always achieving their goal.

It gets even more pronounced as the homeschool day picks up...

"Mom, how do I work these math problems?"

"Mom, I don't want to do school work...I already 'learn-did' everything" (asked just this morn!)

"Mom, come take a look at this wouldn't believe..."

"Mom, can I play Lego instead of my english?"

And so I sort out the answers as much as possible. But to be honest it can be exhausting and mind-boggling some days.

These interruptions, as any parent knows, are not limited to a homeschool parent's day. They continue well into the evening :)

I have to remind my children that they need to wait their turn. I remind myself that they are not the center of the universe!

On the flip side though, I have to remember NOT to snap back, get angry, become impatient or just plain rude with my children. It is always good to answer without the emotions I may feel rising up in me at that moment...

Curious minds that are growing & expanding bring with them 'little' interruptions. I will do much better if I can prepare myself for them with the right attitude & heart :)

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