Saturday, January 12, 2013

~Praying for our Children~

Dear Lord,

You must know how tired I weak I much I need Your grace.
I pray today that my husband will come home early, or that all of my children will fall asleep by 6pm!

Okay, so not really...

I don't honestly pray that way for my children (usually!), however I do regularly throw out quick 'help me' prayers throughout my days. Especially on long days when Daddy has to work & I'm feeling plain overburdened :)

Nothing wrong with those short 'may day' prayers of course...

But today I wanted to share my heart about praying for our children in a deeper way...more about a lifestyle of praying for our children...the kind of prayers we begin to pray on a regular basis. The kind of prayers that involve taking time to really slow down & seek God's heart for our family.

I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'microwave prayer' that will automatically bring our children 'prosperity' & 'deliverance'...& ultimately the strength they need to be confident overcomers in this life...

  In this age of fast-food & fast everything we have to remember we are raising REAL human beings...not a bag of instant popcorn!

I believe that noone is a perfect parent. No matter how wonderful & noble our intentions may be, we will always find that sometimes we will miss the mark...

We will mess up somedays...lose our cool...speak out of turn...say words that shouldn't have been unloving & unkind...set a poor example in an area....the list is endless really.

...that's why we need a Saviour & as I've mentioned in other blogs I found my way to Christ many years ago through a crisis season; actually just after having become a new Mom myself. (read more in this earlier blog-->

That is one of the main reasons we need help...we ain't got all the answers! But there is Someone else who does. Someone who so desperately wants to take our hands through this process...if we'll let Him that is.

Since dedicating my life to Christ about 11 years ago, I regularly take time to pray (almost) every single day for my children. Sometimes I admit my prayer times are much longer than other days.

& I almost always take time to pray over them when I tuck them into for the night. I'm not home every night when they head to bed, but either Jeff or I will take time to say a few words before giving them that last good-night kiss.

Here are some of the things I've prayed for them throughout the years :

*Bless their health, their mind, their spiritual walk with You
*For His protection to be around them wherever they go
*Help them to be thankful & content
*That they would know His love & share it with others
*To find their life calling & be fruitful
*To find a lifemate & live in a healthy marriage
*That they would have boldness/confidence in exercising the gifts & talents God's given them
*To have humility & compassion
*For open doors to success (in what God has for them)
*To have a kingdom mindset (see Matthew 6:33)
*To get along with each other, and with others around them
*To be firmly planted in the house of God & in unity
*To fear God. and not people's opinions of them
*To be faithful & true to their faith no matter what; for courage
*To be a person of integrity, righteousness, and to be an example to others
*To be a servant; to be able to work hard
*To use their money wisely
*To have healthy relationships with people wherever they go
*To care for extended family, neighbours & in general people God has placed around them
***most importantly I believe--> I take time to pray about life situations they are facing right NOW; as small or big as I may perceive it to be

SIDE NOTE--> we've prayed around here for things as small as animals, sore boo-boos, finding something that is lost, also things as 'big' as world poverty, wars, real-live news events & even people in other countries who are being persecuted for their faith

These are just some of the things that are on my heart for our children, and the next generation. And generations to come...

One of the books I highly recommend for EVERY parent to read is "The Power of a Praying Parent" by Stormie Omartian. She nails the head in every chapter! In each section she gives real life stories, sample prayers, & specific scriptures to pray & to speak aloud over our children.

I know it not enough just to pray for them. I am not naive to think that simply praying over our children & 'living like the devil' in other areas of our lives will compensate for one another. I think all parents should realize the importance of living a lifestyle that seeks to model the attributes we desire to see rooted in them...but praying is a big, big complement to this!

I have already seen many, many answers to our prayers. I'll just share one of those 'larger' ones:

Many years ago, when our second born son was just a tot, Joel developed chronic asthma. It was so severe that in a span of a few years we had been in the emergency room six times, and three of those times we had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for a spell.

The worst time will forever stick out in my mind...we had just arrived by car to the emergency clinic and been admitted, still the nurse in front of me was simply 'freaking right out' on us. She said she thought his organs were going to quit right there & then because my son was puffing so hard. At this point, if I remember correctly, Joel had lost almost all consciousness. I was a mental wreck...

As soon as things seemed to settle a bit, I asked to use the phone. I don't remember everyone I called but I remember calling a small group leader from church to get people praying for Joel. I remember the fear that was trying to arise in my heart! It felt like the whole world was standing still for me in that moment...

Not too much longer some doctors came around and were able to stablilze him. Things began to turn around almost as quickly as they had begun. We did stay for a few days, but Joel quickly recovered!

Then after our last hospital stay the doctors told us he would have to be forever on medications for asthma, just to function. They gave us a long list of inhalers and pills, drops, nasal sprays & the like.

We prayed about everything. Then consulted with the doctors and decided on 3 main medications that we felt comfortable with. (the least amount of side effects, and we promised to step it up if his symptoms prevailed). Everyone was happy...but I diligently prayed everyday that he wouldn't have to take them one day & we would be able to stay out of the hospital.

A year passed and we had not gone to the hospital or had any major episodes. Then we went to the specialist. We had some tests & it was with great enthusiasm that our pediactric specialist said he could stop taking some of the meds. Shortly after we were able to progess to NO medications!

That was over six years ago.

You see, why wait? If you're not praying for your child(ren) I'd encourage you to begin today. Start small & just begin to be consistent. You becomes a way of life!

Sooner than you realize you'll be praying amazing things over lil Billy cuz you have begun to realize how special he really is & the potential that God has for his life :)

Please feel free to comment on anything you are praying/believing for your children in 2013. I'd love to connect with you!


  1. I used to keep a prayer journal for years for prayers over my children. It's precious now to go back and see what was answered and what they still struggle with. I still pray regularly for them, even though they're both out of the house. As long as a mother is breathing, she should have breath to pray for her kids. Thanks for this post.

    1. None of mine are out of the house yet but I completely agree...we should never stop! That's encouraging to hear about the prayer journal.

      Thanks so much for sharing & stopping by :)

  2. I've used Stormie Omartian's prayers many times, there are some days I just don't have the right words and her book is SO helpful. I've seen many prayers answered as a result. But it's something we have to keep doing, not do once, and hope that covers it. Our kids are in the trenches and there are many things pulling at their heart strings. Thank you for this post!

    1. Agree! So many things to cover them in with prayer these days...sometimes it feels overwhelming but we continue to press on.
      Thanks for sharing your heart and stopping by :)

  3. I have Stormies book on my kindle ready to read, looking forward to it. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog, thank you for linking this to my blog. Tara.

    1. Any of her books are amazing, aren't they??
      Thanks again for stopping by!



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