Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some Delicious & Nutritious Recipes!

This past Monday evening I hosted the GRAND OPENING of my new business venture Re-VITAL-ize U!!!!

Since I graduated my program to be certified as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (as of this past September 2012), I had begun working towards fulfilling one of my long-term goals: to run my own business. This past week I realized one of my dreams :)

Now, as an R.H.N. I am able to offer my clients various services which include one-on-one consultations & party packages. I am super excited to be able to share this passion with other people...namely to learn to eat for our health.

Today, I wanted to share a few recipes that were either served or highlighted at my Grand Opening. Hope you all enjoy :)

1) Almond Banana Blast Smoothie

3/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
1 teaspoon of flax oil
1 heaping scoop of protein powder
maple syrup or raw honey to sweeten
add water to desired consistency or more almond milk

2) Raspberry Dream Smoothie
3/4 cup of coconut water (or coconut milk)
1/2 cup of frozen raspberries
1 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil
1 heaping scoop of protein powder
sweeten to taste (honey, stevia, maple syrup)
add water to desired consistency

Is anyone else's mouth watering???

3) Twice Cooked Curry Coconut Lentils
As I spoke about Monday it is important to pre-treat our legumes by sprouting them in order to:
-increase absorption of nutrients
-increase digestibility
-make them softer & much more palatable 

So I buy dried legumes (either organic or best I can get) in bulk and first rinse them off to clean them. I then put them in a bowl (glass is preferred) and cover them with water. I then add one tablespoon of one of the following: lemon juice (freshly squeezed), raw apple cider vinegar, or plain yogurt. It acts as a bacteria starter. I leave them usually overnight, or even 24 hours for a good sprout. (In a rush you can leave them from morning until dinner_

I then cook them on the stove top (add water to make sure they are covered in the pot & that there is room to expand) by simmering them on a low to medium roll. Stirring often. Once I feel they are soft & cooked I turn off the stove & let them cool down.
 Once they are cooled down I put them into the fridge overnight to further soften.
The next day I put the cooked lentils into a cooking pan (with lid) into the stove. I also added a can of coconut milk, a few heaping tablespoons of curry powder & some sea salt to taste. A bit of extra virgin olive oil drizzled on top. I then put it on low heat & re-heat in the stove stirring periodically. Once down, stir again & serve! Tasty :)

4) Peanut-Coconut Fudge
This versatile recipe is MELT IN YOUR MOUTH good!

First I start with 1/2 cup of extra virgin coconut oil & melt on low/medium heat stovetop. I add about 1/4 cup of butter (unsalted preferred). Once it is melted I add 4 heaping tablespoons of pure cocoa. I then stir in approx. 1/2 cup of raw honey. Taste a bit & keep adding honey until you arrive at your desired sweetness.
For added protein I add about 1/4 cup of organic smooth peanut butter. Once it is a smooth consistency I add in unsweetened coconut (about 1/2 cup, but feel free to play with it depending on your desired thickness). 
Smooth the fudge into a pan & sprinkle chopped pecans on top. Then place in fridge until it is hardened.

***WARNING--> You will most definitely find this food does NOT last long around the home! 

More the Merrier Monday


  1. Do you have any nutritional information for any of these amazing recipes??

  2. So glad you stopped by!

    Short Answer: nope, not specifically :)
    I actually just experimented in my kitchen to create these yummy dishes.

    However, I found some links that may help:

    - (gives breakdown of most foods, but it doesn't have all 'alternative' ingredients such as flax seed oil)

    - (for the sprouted cooked lentils, note you would have to check the label for the curry/coconut you use)

    -and for the smoothies I've left some of the ingredients (i.e. amount of liquid, type of protein powder) for you to play with based on when you're drinking them (& your unique nutritional needs!)

    Enjoy :)

  3. Love love love! Going to have to follow you, I love anything holistic!

    1. Thank you!! I try to post recipes and healthy tips intermittently on my blog. Glad we could connect on here :)

  4. I've had a long time interest in healthy real nutrition. You can be sure that I will be checking out more of your posts!! :D I've learned a lot also from The Healthy Home Economist. Her blog is super informative. Are you familiar with her?
    Best wishes for much success in your new business! How very exciting to be living your dream!

  5. Thank you Diane! I will be sure to check out The Healthy Home Economist :)

  6. Hi I just browsing this morning on the blogs that I follow and found you on mom with two monkey's. I have severe/aggressive RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)and my sister-in-law a "holistic eater" suggested that I browse and find good recipes for shakes that are easy to digest. I have no appetite and get nauseated just looking at food the past few months since I went off the steroid drugs to help with the disease. I am wondering if you have any other smoothie recipes that are easy to digest. I would really appreciate all the help I could get. Thanks ~ Wanda

    1. I have tons of recipes! I will be posting a food/smoothie post about once a week or so. Right now I have a few suggestions:

      -when you're not feeling well sometimes putting together a smoothie can be too much work; I often buy pre-made Smoothie blends that have whole foods used to make them (Vega and Garden of Life are two of my fav brands; also Greens+ is another one my friends have recommended)

      -I always have frozen fruit as my base (to ensure it's tasty), and then add the protein, fats, and liquid. If you keep that in your mind you can experimint lots!
      **note: protein powders are great as well, if you can find good brands. Most local health stores have a few goodies to pick from.

      Another Smoothie I Use Often:

      Mango Breakfast Blast!

      -water (or can use almond or coconut milk)
      -frozen mangos (about 1/2 cup +)
      -can add a few fresh strawberries if you have some around
      -protein powder (one heaping scoop)OR can substitute with hemp hearts (about 2 scoops+)
      -1 teaspoon of flax oil or fish oil (fat)
      stevia or raw honey to sweeten

      Enjoy :)

  7. That fudge looks SO good! I am going to make it with my kids! I know we'll all love it. Thanks so much for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday!" I can't wait to see what you share this week. :-)

  8. I have a rather stupid question. We've got some lentils mom told me to look for good recipes for, and I thought of this one J but I’m confused on the wording! J When you say “The next day I put the lentils into a cooking pan (with lid) INTO the stove…I then put it on low heat & re-heat IN the stove stirring periodically,” do you actually mean that you put INSIDE the OVEN and shut the door behind it? THAT type of INTO or are we on the stove top again?
    I appreciate it! lol

    1. Hi Katie, thanks so much for stopping by & commenting!

      The second day is simply re-heating the already cooked lentils, so I simply put then into the stove (like shut the door) and mix in the other ingredients into the corning ware before I place it in.

      It's quite tasty so hopefully you get a chance to try it out :)

    2. LOL THANK YOU :D If I do, I shall let'cha know how it turns out :) THANX!!! XD



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