Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Value of a Good Read

My son was sick today.
All day he was sprawled on the couch burning up a fever.

I did our regular homeschool routine with the other three children, but my heart was lurching for my normally VERY active boy; all he did today was lie down and act very lethargic.

My hubby arrived home early to take our eldest son to his karate lesson. For good measure (and to give me a break!) he took the youngest two for an outing as well.

That left just myself...and my son on the couch.

After listening to one of our fav online stories (found on we decided to do one of the special activities that my son so thoroughly relishes: to read a story together.

Since we've ventured into the homeschool world I've started up a collection of books to simply 'leave' all over the home...out in plain sight for the children to peruse anytime they finish their other work.
(***I notice almost all homeschoolers have large book shelves displayed throughout the house. What exactly happens to us that we become such passionate bookworms??)

One of the readers I had recently purchased contained a collection of various short stories. My son promptly requested this special green book of ours.

While lying on the couch, he mustered up his strength and began to flip through the pages...finally he decided on a humourous tale for this nightly read. 

Previously he had been a bit fussy throughout the day, but after the story began I noticed his body start to soften as he listened in...

Do you ever notice how actually therapeutic reading can be for our children?
How even on their 'worse' days they will find great joy in curling up with Mom or Dad (or whoever!) and a good book? 

Sometimes I notice that when we're all just having 'one of those days', and especially when it's due to extreme exhaustion, I simply grab a book. I ask the children to all find a spot by Mommy, and I begin to read.

We have even attempted to make a habit of reading at our breakfast table (only for short periods). Sometimes my hubby or myself will have the honour...sometimes it's one of the children..

Some of my fondest childhood memories include being on Mom's lap while she read to me. I have HER to thank for my library 'obsessions' on the latest health, finance, marriage, child-raising, and fiction reads :)
(some visits to the library, actually ahem, MOST of them end up with me leaving with a box full of books for the entire family...this has probably increased since we started homeschooling!)

I admit that in various seasons I don't always have the time to make reading such a priority in our home, however that being said I am becoming more and more appreciative of its VAST benefits to our children's lives.

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