Monday, February 18, 2013

Looking To Share Your Latest Blog Creation?

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

As I have delved further into the world of blogging I have come to realize the benfit of networking. Networking allows us to read and 'meet' other bloggers that we would potentially never normally stumble across, say by simply doing a google search.

In the last few weeks I have joined multiply Link-up Parties (lots & lots of fun! Scroll to the bottom of my page to see the ones I've joined), read and commented on TONS of interesting blogs, and even had the priviledge of receiving positive feedback on my own blog.

You see, it's loads of fun to work together :)

Although I am not ready yet to join the ranks of Link-up Parties (not tech savvy enough yet!) I am going to begin periodic posts where I will share a topic and invite you to 'link up' in the comments section ANY relevant post(s) you may have written (or even another blog's interesting & relevant post) that you think would benefit readers that visit my blog.

So today's topic will be: Any Benefits You've Found In The Adventures of Homeschooling

So please, go ahead and 'link up' in the comments below. I look forward to reading all of your wonderful blog creations,

Rachael DeBruin :)


  1. I am very new as well - just weeks into blogging. I have joined a couple of link-ups but am sort of learning as I go. I can identify with your not tech-savvy enough uncertainty - that's me right now. Glad I found your blog! :) Are you on Facebook? I will look for you. - Brenda

  2. Just checked out your link, for a newbie to blogging it looks amazing! I am your newest email subscriber :)

    1. Thank you so much. That is very nice of you! Your site looks wonderful too! I'm signing up too!



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