Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sun Stand Still!

I haven't been this excited in a long time...

I practically felt like I was floating in my van on the way home.

I just came from one of my women groups. A spiritual think tank. It's a leadership development group I attend twice a month.

Tonight's topic was pursuing growth!

But before I continue let's back track to a month ago...

A month ago I was at this very group and a challenge was put forth. A challenge to take one of our God-given inspired dreams and take ONE step towards fulfilling it. Seemed easy enough. Then the challenge went one notch higher for me when the leader of the group called me out on one of my dreams and said, "I want you to do ______ in the next month."

Overwhelmed. Intimidated. Hmmm...More like "Is this even possible?" or how about "God, is this really from you?"

Was I starting to doubt my long-standing dreams already?

After that meeting I began to 'chew' on the Word of God. In the last month I stepped up my bible reading, my prayer time, my time around other like-minded people (who also are visionaries desiring change and growth), and started to pray specifically about the dream itself.

My dream is to write a book.

So I've started.

I've finally laid down all the excuses and put the petal to the medal so to speak and let my ink flow (well computer ink anyway...). I wrote almost a chapter before I realized that I wasn't writing from the heart. It wasn't really flowing the way I wanted it to.

So I scrapped that and began anew. I have been writing almost nightly. Also, as some of you may know, blogging for fun! (and for writing practice!!!)

Then, a few days ago I received my latest book order in the mail. (I regularly order books related to topics I am digesting for myself, or my kids).

One of the books was SUN STAND STILL by Stephen Furtick.

I picked it up and began reading. Page upon page. I couldn't put it down.

It was EXACTLY what I needed to confirm what God had already speaking to my heart: to have what God fully intends for us in Christ, we need to run after our God-given dreams...and that is to bring HIM glory. To bring Him the honour. To show people what a mighty and awesome God we serve!!!

All the way home after my group tonight I prayed. I was so in awe of what God has been inspiring in me and through me.

Then, as I reached home new things came to mind. Answered prayers of the past came to mind. I was flooded with an overwhelming thankfulness for what He has ALREADY done.

You may be wondering what I mean. Well, let me share with you briefly:

-About a decade ago I was a single Mother living in subsidized housing, getting money from the government to live. But I had a prayer that one day things would change for my two little boys and I.... Since then I've gotten married, started my dream business, and the ironic part of it all is that we're living down the street from millionaire homes (and nope, we didn't pay that much! We actually got an AMAZING deal on this place, again thanks to answered prayer)

-Just over eleven years ago I was struggling with alcohol addiction and suffice it to say, a 'party lifestyle', and all that it entails. Again, I had a prayer that one day things would change. Now I lead a small group for women that meets twice a month. I also am an assistant at another group that encourages women at the university I graduated from. God again.

I believe I was reminded about these past 'victories' tonight quite simply because God wants to do more. He is not finished with me yet. He is not finished with my children. With my husband. With the women He has brought into my life. With all the things that this life entails, and for the future that will come in eternity.

I don't know who you are tonight reading this blog. I don't know where you're at or where you came from. But this I do believe. There is absolutely NO situation, no circumstance, no pit, no discouraging or despairing thing that can keep us from Christ's love. He is able to bring redemption to any problem....if we only hand ourselves over to His care.

As for me...I am continuing to pray for big things this year. Things that seem impossible for me alone. Dreams that God has placed in my heart. Some even from childhood. I don't believe I can do ANY of this on my own. What will come of this? I'm am waiting in eager expectation.

What about you? What dream have you set on the shelf? What lie are you believing that is keeping you from taking a step forward? What are you allowing to hold you back?

This year begin to dream...sun stand still. (see Joshua 10:13)


  1. This post is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing what God has been doing in your life, you have inspired me to start speaking out my dreams! :)

  2. Excited right there with you Vanessa!!

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! You found an oldy but a goody of a post - it was good for me to reread it too - acutally it spoke to me again of somethings I have been praying about - so thank you, thank you for letting God work through you for me! ;) lol!!

    A lot of what you wrote here spoke to me as well. I hope for big things in a way too this year but I don't think I've actually prayed about it - so I will, thank you! That's great that you are starting your writing dream! I pray He continues to lead you in that!! We can do all things through Christ who stregthens us! We serve an amazing God!

  4. I'm so glad it spoke to you!!

    Excited about the future...one step at a time :)



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