Sunday, February 3, 2013

Unleashing Your Child`s Creativity & Special Guest Authors


I strongly believe that all children are wired to be creative. 

Left to themselves there seems to be no end to the possibilities...

As parents (or caregivers) it is up to us to encourage them to explore the realm of their natural talents and gifts, giving them lots of opportunities to express their God-given uniqueness.

One of the aspects I've most appreciated about homeschooling is the flexibility of our schedule that allows the children (and myself) to add-in creative elements to our course ware as we choose...

Along with our: English, Math, Science, Social Studies (History and Geography), Literature, Bible Reading...

...we are also incorporating such things as:

-computer and research skills 
-character studies
-art and crafts
-cooking and baking
-physical education (which in our house seems to be mainly hikes and outdoor exploration)
and new to the list...writing our own stories!

Today my two youngest children wanted to guest author on my blog to share with you one of our collaborations. Well, I don't have to be the ONLY blog author on here, do I??

So in the name of sharing our creativity: here's a story for you and your little ones.Enjoy!

The Koala Bear Family
By: Hannah-Joy and JJ DeBruin
(and a little help from Mama)

Once upon a time there was a family with four koala bears: Mommy, Daddy, Sarah and Droppy. 
They lived on a nice tree in the forest. 

One day Sarah was sleeping on the tree.  She was so tired that she did not hear Mommy or Daddy Koala Bear calling for her. All of a sudden she woke up and did not know where they were.

She became very sad because she had lost her family!  
So she started to look for them. 

Then she saw something up in the tree; there were four eyes staring back at her! 

"Hi there," she said to the other koala bears. "What are your names?" "My name is Chris and this is my sister Maxie. We're having some fun up in the trees. Want to join us?" "Well, I would like to but I need to find my Mommy, Daddy and brother. Can you please help me find them?" "Sure,"said the two new koala friends. So the three of them set out.

As they were walking around the forest Chris heard a noise from the bush. "What is that?"

All of a sudden a familiar koala bear came tumbling out!

It was Droppy! He had been eating his favourite food: eucalyptus leaves. "Where were you Sarah? Daddy, Mommy and I went to get supper and couldn't find you." "I was napping in the tree,"said Sarah. "After I woke up I went to find you, and then I met these nice friends." "Well, let's go back to our home and find Mommy and Daddy. They will be worried about us now,"said Droppy. "Your new friends can come along with us." So they all grabbed some more eucalyptus leaves, and went on their way.

When they got back to Sarah's home they found Daddy waiting for them. "Where were you Sarah? We went out looking for something to eat, and then when we came back we couldn't find you!" "I am sorry Daddy. I was sleeping and then I went out to find you. I should have waited here for you to come."

"I forgive you Sarah,"said Daddy. "Sometimes we all make mistakes. Well, now we have to go and meet Mommy. She has a special picnic set up just for us." "Can my new friends Chris and Maxie come too?",asked Sarah. "Sure,"said Daddy. "Now, let's go and have some fun!"

So everybody set off for the picnic.
The End



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