Wednesday, July 31, 2013

~The Tortoise~

How can I resist this super cute face?! Just like his Daddy :)

My daughter enjoys a sweet cuddle with her cousin Ellie :)

"Slowly does it every time!" ~ The Tortoise

"The Tortoise and The Hare" If you're unfamiliar with the famed children's fable then please check out this link.

Every morning I wake up and bounce out of bed. I consider myself mostly a morning person (or at least this development seems to have occurred since having a few kids...) and I usually fly into a frenzy of activity before I have even have time to gulp down breakfast.

Cleaning. Check! Sorting. Check! Emails & Facebook Msgs. Check! Planning for the day. Check! Read bible & prayer time. Check! Get dressed. Maybe!

Some mornings flow more smoothly than others. More often than not however, I find myself in a self-induced sweat (sometimes panic!) over the sheer amount of tasks still left to be done before the children even set foot out of bed...and heaven help me if all of the kiddies should decide to awaken an hour earlier than their normal time :)

One of my favourite bloggers is Anne Voskamp (author of "1000 gifts; a must read for all!) and she often weaves the words "Go Slow" throughout many of her blog entries.

Her awe-inspiring blog can be found here--> A Holy Experience

Oh, how many times have I failed to heed these words?!

Go fast is probably more like it... more of my life mantra per say...or at least it has been.

I grow impatient when I have to wait on SO many aspects of different seasons of life I've grown weary of waiting for: pregnancies to be completed children to learn to have a listening ear hubby to learn how I want him to treat me

...while I wait in line for my turn to check out at the store

...for a situation to turn around while I do what I can, and pray unceasingly

...for a friend who is struggling to turn the corner

...for an illness to cease

...for the excess weight to be shed

...for a particular task to be finished

...sometimes even for the mail to arrive!

The situations may be vast and varied, but I've come to realize the discontent of an overall impatient lifestyle.

Discontent can lead to many other struggles in life...internal anger...insecurities...ingratitude...and ultimately it will affect how we treat every other person in our lives. Impatience with them will only be perceived as a lack of love, care and concern for the other person.

And that my friend, will shut the door to a deep & meaningful relationship with someone.

Discontent is an internal 'demon' that could be avoided if I simply learned to 'go slow' and be patient...and focus on the an attitude of thankfulness.

So, the question is, how much do I actually want to change???

Am I willing to lay down my own 'goals' in order to be able to savor the moment? Am I willing to put others needs before my own? Am I willing to be patient and realize I am not in control of many aspects of life?

The hare may have started off on the 'right' foot, but we all saw the ending coming...the tortoise was slow & steady, but he eventually came out ahead & won the race.

**Question to ponder: how do you make the conscience choice to go slow in your routine? (please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below)

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten EASY steps to a more nutritious YOU!!

A few years ago I realized that my health...was, well let`s just say `sub-par`to where it should be for my age group.

This one realization shifted my life so much, that I ended up completing a college level program in Nutrition.

I am now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist :)

Throughout my program, and afterward, I have seen literally handfuls of diet diaries...this led me to realize that some people have simply been fed some misinformation regarding their food choices.

Others are simply overwhelmed with TOO many choices in the grocery stores...

And still others are finding they`re way TOO busy to really do anything about any of it!

So here are TEN easy steps you can make this summer...and be on your way to a more nutrition-savvy YOU....

  • Switch all of your margarine and any trans fats to healthier alternatives: this could include organic butter, extra virgin olive oil (low heat, or not cooked), extra virgin coconut oil (high heat), flax/hemp or other omega-3 oils (NOT for cooking, add afterward)

  • Include at every meal something FRESH: veggies, fruits, sprouts, raw seeds...all living foods have enzymes included in them, vitamins, perhaps minerals, and all have antioxidants/phytonutrients, that scientists are just starting to unlock
  • Increase your water intake: especially at these times, upon waking, and between meals....about 4 ozs. during a meal should not hinder the digestion process (maybe more if you're eating a larger meal), but I especially like to recommend a kick start in the morning to re-hydrate after a long night's rest
  • Drink your green tea: look for the best brands available now at most supermarkets, and health stores...full of antioxidants and help kick start your metabolism *caution: none after 4pm if you're sensitive to caffeine regarding sleep, and none period if you're super sensitive to caffeine in general
  • Increase your dark, leafy greens intake; organic dark leafy salads & spring mixes, spinach, & for the busy people out there: many stores are now selling superfood powders that contain various green mixes & blends (chlorella, spirulina, etc. * for the powders start off with lowest dose and work up to highest as they promote natural detoxification) Salads are an easy addition on the side to any meal, but especially lunch and dinner. Lots of phytonutrients and vitamins included in all of your greens
  • Cut out sugar, or severely lessen all intake of it. Sugar is an immune depressor and does not support good nutritional health. If you are going to indulge, then try to do it alongside a protein or healthy will slow down the sugar release into your blood system!
  • Cut out, or severely lessen your intake of all processed food. What is processed food? Basically anything in a package that we have tampered with (includes many additives, and unpronounceable ingredients). Buyer beware, and do your research
  • Ensure adequate protein intake: protein helps to keep us satiated and promotes stable blood sugar levels. Eat a variety of protein sources, but be wary of soy (unless fermented; too much negative research on soy products is coming out; little amounts each week is probably okay)
  • Switch up your diet! Try a new fruit, veggie, protein this week....did you know that most of the allergies we're hearing that are cropping up are made up of the top most eaten foods?! (corn, wheat, soy, nuts, etc.) Variety is the spice of life! Don't be afraid to find a new recipe and give it a go: one of my fav websites for cooking experimentation is
  • Lastly: speaking of spice...don't forget to include a variety of spices in your cooking. Spices (that haven't been tampered with additives, etc.) have many nutritional benefits as well. Scientists are uncovering a myriad of benefits of eating spices & herbs such as: curry, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, parsley, etc. etc. Many companies are now responding with offering spices with little or no preservatives. Seek one out and have fun experimenting!

***Well, there you have it...what about you? Do you have a tip has helped you improve your diet? Write below in the comments :)

***NOTE: disclaimer, I am not a doctor, or medical professional. You must always check with your healthcare professional if you have concerns when changing your diet. If you are on certain medications, it is always prudent to research any potential interactions. 

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