Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Lens That May Need Some Dusting Off

Sometimes it seems like the ground may be slipping out from under you...and other days it may seem like heaven has opened its windows on earth, even for a short while!

~Some days it may seem laughs all around~

~Well, on others you may feel you're hanging on for dear life!!!~

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out." ~John Wooden


It can be such an easily overlooked aspect of life...and yet, it can have the power& potential to:

-de-rail our best plans
-cause us to lose our motivation
-totally deflate our courage in any given situation

IF it is not focused properly. If our lens, so to speak, is cloudy & blurry it WILL affect our day to day decision making and prioritizing.

On the other hand, it can also:

-build us up
-cause to push past any major obstacles in life
-help us jump over hurtles that perhaps most others would not

IF it comes from a correct focus, our lives will definitely reap the benefits!

For me the issue has been a personal one lately...

I am about 8 months pregnant. With our fifth child. And homeschooling. And running my own biz. And leading a small group at our church. And. And. And. 

In the last trimester of this pregnancy I have felt the effects of getting a bit, um, 'older' shall we say. This pregnancy has been, to be blunt, 'rough'. Way 'rougher' than any of the others, particularly on my body.

Let me first say: I am so thankful for the life of this child! I am SO thankful God has blessed us with another. However, it has been a journey where I have many, many times lost my perspective.

Up late at night, crying due to physical pain or sickness...and wishing that I could just deliver the baby.

Homeschooling a child, helping them with a tough math problem, feeling like the room was spinning around me... and again, just wanting to go to bed!

I know many of you have already been there, in some capacity or you can relate. Some of your circumstances make mine look like simple, minor which I would agree.

In the last few weeks I picked up a book by famed author, and leadership mentor to thousands, John C. Maxwell.  Great read entitled "Today Matters"

One of the first chapters I read was on attitude...and as I was forced to confront some of my poor attitudes, I realized how it had led to losing my generally good perspective.

Here are a few of my fav quotes from the book that I believe will inspire you:

"All things being equal, attitude wins. All things not being equal, attitude sometimes still wins." ~ John C. Maxwell

"Hope is the only antidote to fear." ~Lance Armstrong

"The thoughts in your mind will always be more important than the things in your life." ~ John C. Maxwell

And you know what? After I began to focus on my attitude, regardless of my current circumstances (whether it be the sickness, discomfort or whatever) I began to dust off the lens of my perspective. It hasn't been easy, or perfect by any stretch, but it certainly has been a great help!

I truly have become a believer that attitude affects quite a lot of our outcomes in life. Not all, but quite a lot.

~Wherever you are today; whatever you may be facing; choose to focus on your perspective and watch what blessings may unfold in your life.~


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