Monday, December 30, 2013

Lean & Green!!!

There are sooo many GREAT reasons to eat your greens!

 & if you're planning this upcoming year to improve your health, greens are a great addition in your diet. Below are just FIVE reasons to incorporate more of this goodness into your menu. And there are a variety of options...smoothies...powders...juicing...salads....soups...and just adding them to any of your regular ole' dishes will do!

I've begun to eat more greens than ever before. I've added them to many of my breakfasts, lunches & of course keeping them at the dinner table. I've grown accustomed to their flavors. I'm getting used to buying big boxes of them at our grocery store. My kids are slowly getting used to them becoming more than a garnish :)

In the New Year I would like to try some more variety & even get into some juicing, but for now I'm enjoying where I'm at...

Scroll through my top FIVE list & feel free to share in the comments below how YOU are adding in your greens!

  • Weight Loss
Simple...greens are a good source of fiber & of many macro & micro nutrients. Your body will feel more full & will stop sending endless signals for more food. Of course you will need to top off your meals with some lean protein & anti-inflammatory fats (think omega 3's for example), but the greens are a great way to fill er up!
  • Skin & Elimination Support
Well, this is for many reasons. To put it simply--> greens contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, & even water in them. They have the necessary nutrients that promote healthy body elimination. They have the fiber to keep things moving in the elimination process. They are cleansing.So increasing greens are a great way to help support your body's daily detoxifying processes. Detoxifying can also help promote better health for our skin.
  • B Vitamins & Water Soluble Vitamins
Fresh greens contain many of the B vitamins. Each type of green will contain a variety of the water soluble vitamins. Why is this important? Water soluble vitamins don't store up in the body like fat soluble ones do. So you need them EACH & every day for your body to function properly. Although you can find the B vitamins in a variety of foods, the greens are a low caloric & refreshing way to add them in. They also have so many other benefits that the B vitamin & water soluble factor is simply another reason to enjoy them...abundantly!
  • Alkalizing & Refreshing
If you've followed any guru in the health industry you've probably heard the terms "alkaline" and "acidic". Basically the consensus is that foods that cause our body to become acidic lead to disease. Foods that cause us to become overly acidic are typically junk foods & overall any foods that 'clog' up our systems'. Ones that alkalize are believed to lead to improved health by helping our bodies to heal from within. Greens are among the top foods for alkalizing! Although many ideas & foods are debated in the health community, there's not too much negative rap for the greens. And that's a very, very good thing.
  • Phytonutrients
Researchers have told us a lot about our daily allowances of vital minerals & vitamins that we must consume for optimum health. However, they are only just beginning to discover the benefits of the phytonutrients that all plant foods contain. This are like mini-nutrients that many believe add to vibrant health. (note: that's why taking a supplement is never as good as eating the REAL thing) Phytonutrients are believed to help the food to be digested, absorbed and assimilated properly. This we know for sure: those who eat higher plant diets fare better on a whole than those with heavy animal diets. Many attribute this to the abundance of phytonutrients in the plants. 
So what are you waiting for?? Smoothies with some added spinach...add in some kale with your soups & stews....for breakfast tomorrow have a mixed greens salad & some hard boiled eggs on the side...the possibilities are endless. Feel free to share below...Rachael DeBruin R.H.N.

**Disclaimer--> Although I am writing about food as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, it is always advisable to receive ongoing competent medical advice from a professional. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Countdown til the New Year!

Only a few more days until the New Year...a few more days until we are finished with this one & ready to put it behind us...

If the past year for you was a bit of a challenge this could be met with a sigh of relief & some renewed optimism that NEXT year will be that much better.

 For others who both enjoyed & had their desires fulfilled you may be either continuing in great expectation, or hoping that the 'balance doesn't all of sudden tip' to the negative...

I like to look to the New Year as a time of both renewed hope & optimism, but with a dash of realism. I am full of new goals, new dreams & new lifestyle changes I would like to make...but realizing that the common denominator in all of this being accomplished is simply my own willingness to change.... & to commit to that change!!!

Asides from that, there is also the realization that many factors are outside my control...this past year, for example, I was very optimistic to take my own business & health to a new level...yet becoming pregnant in February didn't lend itself very well to either of those goals. All for a greater goal I say :)

What about yourself? What are your goals for the upcoming year??

Sunday, December 8, 2013

No More Excuses!

If you're a normal human being... then this blog post should resonate with you :) 

Especially around this time of year~ when we're less than a month away from the "new year"...and everybody knows what that brings;  more New Year's Resolutions!

...time to lose that extra 20 pounds...

....time to start a new morning routine...

...time to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour...

....time to get out of debt....

....time to work harder towards saving for that vacation we've been talking about....

Sadly, I had a recent conversation with a lawyer friend of ours. New Year's is also when many couples decide to 'start fresh' and serve their spouse the divorce papers...

Yes, most of us begin to think deeply about our current life circumstances come January.

Lately, one of the things that God's been pressing on my heart, is how easily I can turn my so-called failed 'resolutions' into very, very lame excuses....

"I would have totally worked out...if I didn't have so much to do..."

"I was going to start a new morning routine...but then time just seemed to keep getting away from me..."

"I was going to get out of debt...but there always seemed to be an unexpected bill..."

While I totally get & can relate that it's legit to have seasons where we CANNOT get everything done, & must lay aside certain goals...there comes a point where we realize that EVERYBODY gets the same amount of hours in a day...a week...a month...and a year...and WHY do some people seem to get more done, & more effectively, than others in the same boat (note: comparing apples to apples, not comparing 2 totally different life circumstances if you get my drift).

What I've observed is that one person has learned to simply LET...GO...OF...THE...EXCUSES :)

Case in point..

During my last pregnancy, my body loudly groaned & creaked under the pressure of my age, and the wear & tear of having had a few previous pregnancies under my belt, and the stress of a very busy lifestyle. I found it nearly impossible to exercise beyond some light walking. In fact by the end I became so out of shape that I could hardly walk without experiencing severe discomfort in my joints. So I did have a legitimate season of life where exercise became very, very difficult.

Near the end of it I made a personal commitment to myself, and to God, that with His help I would begin to exercise again. And I wouldn't back down...

So a few days after giving birth, I asked my medical care provider when it would be safe to begin my new routine. She said walking after a week; heavier stuff after a month. I began my countdown with much anticipation! I dreamed of runs, squats, kick boxing, lounges....

After almost a month I ran excitedly to our personal gym downstairs. Staring the equipment in the eye I had a gleam...this is going to be awesome! I wonder how much I can do? Maybe start with half hour? 45 minutes?

I am not even joking here...I did 2 minutes & broke out in a sweat! Weariness and fatigue set in & I had to quit after ONLY TWO MINUTES!!! I felt like a bit of a failure...but I remembered my commitment to health & decided to try again the next day.

Next day 3 minutes.

Next day 4 minutes.

Finally a big whopping FIVE! But I've been keeping it up :)

As of this blog I am not much farther than that, but I have added some arm weight lifting exercises and stretching. I must admit feeling a bit tickled pink when friends & family have commented on "how good I've been looking" since having baby. Yes, must be all that heavy duty working out! (*let's keep the above info between you & I, okay?)

I know, this is a bit of a silly example, but the principle holds true across the board. Nothing that you want to work towards will ever come easily. None of your dreams & aspirations will sail in overnight. Lasting changes will always take effort on your part, and most importantly will be your CONSISTENCY more than any other factor.

As we approach the much awaited new year, my thoughts to leave you with:

What dream(s) has God placed on your heart that you are not actively taking steps towards?

What excuses are legitimate? Which ones are not?

*I love hearing from all of you. Please feel free to share below in the comments how YOU have overcome any excuses that were holding you back.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Realizing My Season of Life!

It's been almost 2 months....TWO whole months that I haven't blogged. And I can proudly share with you all why :)

Our precious newborn Gracie on her first day; born November 3rd, 2013 at 3:09 a.m. weighing 8lbs

Getting more alert during her first week & wearing her cute lil bow

Starting to put on the weight!

Close to one month old here; one of her professional pics

This is our fifth bundle of joy!

& that's why I haven't been blogging this past 2 months...but I digress ;)


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