Sunday, December 8, 2013

No More Excuses!

If you're a normal human being... then this blog post should resonate with you :) 

Especially around this time of year~ when we're less than a month away from the "new year"...and everybody knows what that brings;  more New Year's Resolutions!

...time to lose that extra 20 pounds...

....time to start a new morning routine...

...time to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour...

....time to get out of debt....

....time to work harder towards saving for that vacation we've been talking about....

Sadly, I had a recent conversation with a lawyer friend of ours. New Year's is also when many couples decide to 'start fresh' and serve their spouse the divorce papers...

Yes, most of us begin to think deeply about our current life circumstances come January.

Lately, one of the things that God's been pressing on my heart, is how easily I can turn my so-called failed 'resolutions' into very, very lame excuses....

"I would have totally worked out...if I didn't have so much to do..."

"I was going to start a new morning routine...but then time just seemed to keep getting away from me..."

"I was going to get out of debt...but there always seemed to be an unexpected bill..."

While I totally get & can relate that it's legit to have seasons where we CANNOT get everything done, & must lay aside certain goals...there comes a point where we realize that EVERYBODY gets the same amount of hours in a day...a week...a month...and a year...and WHY do some people seem to get more done, & more effectively, than others in the same boat (note: comparing apples to apples, not comparing 2 totally different life circumstances if you get my drift).

What I've observed is that one person has learned to simply LET...GO...OF...THE...EXCUSES :)

Case in point..

During my last pregnancy, my body loudly groaned & creaked under the pressure of my age, and the wear & tear of having had a few previous pregnancies under my belt, and the stress of a very busy lifestyle. I found it nearly impossible to exercise beyond some light walking. In fact by the end I became so out of shape that I could hardly walk without experiencing severe discomfort in my joints. So I did have a legitimate season of life where exercise became very, very difficult.

Near the end of it I made a personal commitment to myself, and to God, that with His help I would begin to exercise again. And I wouldn't back down...

So a few days after giving birth, I asked my medical care provider when it would be safe to begin my new routine. She said walking after a week; heavier stuff after a month. I began my countdown with much anticipation! I dreamed of runs, squats, kick boxing, lounges....

After almost a month I ran excitedly to our personal gym downstairs. Staring the equipment in the eye I had a gleam...this is going to be awesome! I wonder how much I can do? Maybe start with half hour? 45 minutes?

I am not even joking here...I did 2 minutes & broke out in a sweat! Weariness and fatigue set in & I had to quit after ONLY TWO MINUTES!!! I felt like a bit of a failure...but I remembered my commitment to health & decided to try again the next day.

Next day 3 minutes.

Next day 4 minutes.

Finally a big whopping FIVE! But I've been keeping it up :)

As of this blog I am not much farther than that, but I have added some arm weight lifting exercises and stretching. I must admit feeling a bit tickled pink when friends & family have commented on "how good I've been looking" since having baby. Yes, must be all that heavy duty working out! (*let's keep the above info between you & I, okay?)

I know, this is a bit of a silly example, but the principle holds true across the board. Nothing that you want to work towards will ever come easily. None of your dreams & aspirations will sail in overnight. Lasting changes will always take effort on your part, and most importantly will be your CONSISTENCY more than any other factor.

As we approach the much awaited new year, my thoughts to leave you with:

What dream(s) has God placed on your heart that you are not actively taking steps towards?

What excuses are legitimate? Which ones are not?

*I love hearing from all of you. Please feel free to share below in the comments how YOU have overcome any excuses that were holding you back.

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  1. Hi Rach,
    I am happy to have found your site through Top Mommy Blogs- Homeschoolers! I'll be following along and would love if you checked out my blog of straight-up kids projects, if you have the time and interest. Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks Karen! I love having new visitors :)

  2. Good for you - - not to give up but to realize it was one step at a time and one minute at a time too. Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

    1. Thanks Hazel! Was glad to share it on your link up :) Feel free to leave a link to it when you post a comment on my posts.

  3. Keep going you will get there! I just hit the one month mark after having my fifth baby! I am so ready to fit back into my clothes but I know it's a process and doesn't happen in One day, thanks for being real! You can follow my story at

    1. Would love to follow your story! I'm sure we have a lot in common. Thanks Rebekah for visiting :)

  4. Oh, this is so timely!!! Baby #8 is due to make his arrival any day now and I get winded just brushing my hair! As a busy nurse who is used to pulling down 12 hour night shifts without batting an eye, this is killing me.... I can't wait to get back to exercising. Thanks for the reminder to not get discouraged if I have to start more slowly than I want to!

    1. Hope all went well with delivery! It's so much easier when baby is out, isn't it?

  5. I think you are right that my excuses are mainly time so I do no exercise - but I am sure I could fit in a couple of minutes, get into the habit and add a few more minutes and so on. Thank you.

    1. A couple minutes is the best place to start, isn't it? Glad this encouraged you :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Sometimes we have to JUST DO IT and get moving. All it takes is a minute to make a huge change! Thanks for stopping by #smallvictoriesSunday!



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