Thursday, February 13, 2014

~How Easily Do You Embrace Change?~

This year I've committed that things are going to be different!

As the end of 2013 crept up on me, I was plagued with thoughts of "I can not let another year go by with all of my attitudes, circumstances and relationships simply remaining the same."

So, my first hair cut of the year was a drastic one...not sure if you can tell in the pic above, but I cut off most of my locks & went for the uneven bob. And I dyed it purple, yes, a nice purple-y red. That was only the beginning of my adventures.

I started working out. The time invested into my consulting business has increased. Our homeschool routine received a few slight tweaks. Change even came to this blog (in case this is your first visit). New recipes & meal plans were created for my family as well.

To be honest, it felt refreshing. Invigorating! Especially when I saw all my long blonde locks as they fell to the hairdresser's floor...

How many years go by where we don't embrace change? 

Years where we continue in stagnation, in frustration, often blaming others due to our own lack of initiative or imagination. It can limit our potential in so many arenas of life.

I want to throw out a challenge out there: make a change this week!

It could be something as simple as a new haircut, or perhaps you want to challenge yourself to try a brand new activity (sky diving?!).

 Whatever you choose, don't put it off. Let's not allow another year to pass you by where you remain the same, where you don't grow, where you don't become more fully the person God created & intended you to be...

An original. A masterpiece. 


  1. It is so true. We can be resistant to change. We become creatures of habit. Often God stirs things up for me as He knows I would just keep going on. But the change can feel so wonderful & bring an expectation to life.
    As an aside, I had to smile as I had my hair cut & colored on Friday :) Yours looks beautiful! Glad I stopped by from Motivation Monday this morning. Have a great week!

  2. Gosh go you. I hate change too. Funny enough I had a lot of my hair off this year too. Yours looks fab.

  3. Needed to read this today, I just finished my degree and took the blinkers off and realised I'm in a rut!

  4. Pressed post too soon, sorry! You look great with a darker bob!

  5. wow that is such a beautiful hair cut honey xx

  6. Inspiring to me! Thanks for visiting The Four Season’s Blog Hop! Sandra from Scrumptilicious 4 You.



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