Monday, March 31, 2014

Extra-curricular Activities In Homeschool

Why Homeschool? 
Discussing Extra-curricular Activities

Get Up.
Make Beds.
Feed Kids.
Scurry Around Like Madmen.
Race Off to School.
Repeat Following Morning.

I don't know about you, but I always disliked the mad rush of 'school' mornings, before we began home schooling that is!

One of the main benefits that all home schoolers will experience is this: YOU make your own schedule. YOU set your own pace.

For us that means different things in various seasons..

Sometimes we're up super early so we can finish our school work in time for an outing. Most days, however, we are up at a decent hour (like 7-7:30am) and slowly meandering our way into the morning routine.

Seeing as we now have the flexibility of homeschooling, we have started to take advantage of many extra-curriculars that fit our schedule. Also, that are geared to our children's unique interests. This is another rewarding benefit of this lifestyle: you are no longer learning to simply accumulate knowledge, but now you can begin to hone your skills.

Take this week for example:

tomorrow afternoon--> swimming
following morning--> homeschooling group nature walk
following day after that--> homeschooling group unit study

Squeezed around the extras, of course, is always the school work (our core). 
However, don't think these 'extras' are all a waste of time! Hardly, learning through life, nature & physical exercise are all great avenues of personal growth & development.

We've also recently signed up for a local Homeschool Elective class. Field trips are numerous around here, and can be planned around our family's interests. 

Art. Music. Sports. Library. Nature. Dance. Cooking & Baking. Group Learning Activities. Service In The Community. 

All picked out & selected with the intention of training our children up to be well-rounded individuals. By participating in a variety of activities, with a mixture of different people, you are going over & above the whole "what do we do about socialization?" question!

How many professions can you think of that only require you to read & write? Or simply count your times table? Most of the employment opportunities that our children will come across will require them to have competence in a range of talents & skills.

This is one of the reasons I have enjoyed homeschooling...this is also my children's personal fave reason as well :)

Question for comments: when do you fit in your family's extra-curriculars?

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  1. On the weekends and at night and its HARD. My husband and I both work full time and in the city far away from our suburban home. It's like I said in my recent post its so hard to juggle everything because there is no time. I'm working on those no zero days, but it's been pretty hit or miss. I am however very happy with all that I've gotten done and trying to not let the undone things get me down.

    1. You sound like you are in the trenches right now Mama... don't beat yourself up for anything you are unable to do...but press on with the things you can do in this very hectic season :) Thanks so much for sharing & visiting Marta!

  2. Love the idea of homeschooling. Thanks for providing some insight into your days Rachael. You're truly and inspiration.

  3. I love the freedom of homeschooling! We are starting soccer in a couple of weeks with other homeschoolers. We love the flexibility of our own schedule!



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