Tuesday, March 18, 2014

~Nourishing Brown Rice Pudding~

Made this for one of my health parties last night: had quite a few asking for the recipe, so here' goes!

"Nourishing Brown Rice Pudding"


Cooked Brown Rice (full pot)

Raw Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds (1/2 cup or more)

Raisins (or Dried Cranberries) (1/3 cup or more)

Cinnamon (approx. 1 heaping teaspoon)

Coconut Milk (1 can or 1/3 carton; could sub in unsweetened almond milk)

Option to Sweeten--> either Raw Agave Syrup OR Raw Honey 
***you could eat it on it's own OR use only 1/4 cup or less of sweetener

Heat Oven to 200 degrees. As heating, fill one large cooking pan (or Cornware) with brown rice.
Mix in 1/2 of coconut milk. Add in cinnamon, pumpkin seeds & raisins. Stir up altogether. 
Cook for approx. 30-40 mins, or until heated throughout. Take out of oven& mix in rest of coconut milk til desired consistency. Mix in sweetener while still a bit warm. Let stand until nice & fluffy! Enjoy :)

*optional: could serve alongside some homemade apple sauce

***To Make Good Homemade Brown Rice***

Use one bag of regular brown rice. Night before, soak in filtered water on counter. Make sure to add in 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar, or fresh lemon juice (pure yogurt can sub in here too). Cover bowl so nothing gets in.
Next day (or a few hours later, if you're short on time) add in some more water & cook on stove top (Note: you can rinse off if you prefer as well). Boil water with rice on stove top, and then lower to a simmer. Make sure to keep adding in water ~if needed~as brown rice will suck up a lot of moisture. Cooks in about 40 minutes or so. Will be cooked when no longer hard & 'crunchy'.

Tip: double, triple or quadruple your brown rice! Cooked brown rice can be divided into containers once cooled, and stored in freezer for easy meals later.

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  1. This would be a really delicious breakfast. I bet it would be soooo filling! Thanks for linking this one up with the MaMade Blog Hop!

  2. Hello cute lady! This looks so good. Pinned. We really appreciate you taking the time to stop by our party. It wouldn’t be a party without you. Please join us on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls



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