Thursday, March 13, 2014

~"Savor The Moment" & a Parenting Post Round-Up~

I gave birth to our latest treasure only 4 months ago...

Here's where we announced the little bean was on her way: and I wanted 8 pickles!

Grace-Ann is child number 5 in the DeBruin household, and we have been OH SO blessed!!! 

I have to say, the absolute BEST part of having her around, is how she interacts with everyone.

The cooing, the smiles, the 'raspberries' :)

Question of the day: how easily do we miss these special "SAVORY" moments? I almost missed this one...

Okay, now for a "Parenting Post Round-Up"

Here's 5 posts touching on a variety of parenting topics (I.e. raising up fun & strong young men, some family night movie picks, getting through those 'tough' Mommy/Daddy seasons, & a post where I share my Mommy heart). 


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  1. Awww so sweet (I want 4 . . . one more to go)! Thanks for linking up at A Look at The Book! Round ups are cool too ;)

  2. I have two boys and a girl. It's amazing how different they are, but I feel so very blessed to have the best of both worlds! Congrats on your sweet baby. :) Joining from the Made to Mother blog hop! Have a great week!

  3. Especially because these moments can be easily missed, we should pay more attention and be more thoughtful and more considerate with our loved ones!



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