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Thursday, April 24, 2014

~Learning To Let Things Out Of Our Control Go~

Sometimes it takes a brave person to realize that no matter how hard you try, 
there are some things you simply CANNOT control...

Things We Cannot Control:

the weather
our shoe size
the family to which we were born
our hair colour (well not quite anymore)

Many of them are unimportant, really quite inconsequential actually, so they're easy to overlook.

Others, take more of a conscience effort to surrender:

how people perceive us
people's willingness to love us, or try to understand us
other's behaviour towards us, or our loved ones
how loved ones behave towards one another

Recently, some circumstances 'slapped me in the face', reminding me of how little control I actually have over this life...

Oh, I try. I try SO hard. Control is something I find very hard to relinquish.

Often giving my best effort on the agenda. Putting in safe guards wherever I can think of them. Trying to do everything by the book.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Except often the self-righteous, independent mode kicks in.
In the morning it's a prayer, "how much I need you today Lord," but the afternoon may show quite a different story. 

Today, I had to fully surrender. Again. 

Another person's willingness to work together.
A hope & a promise that I'm still waiting on.
A dream that God put in my heart years ago, but the calendar is still turning and I'm not seeing anything.


Proverbs 3: 5/6
"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, 
and lean not on YOUR own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He will make your paths straight.
(emphasis mine)

When life feels like it's spiraling out of control...
When the things you cannot control seem like a GIGANTIC mountain in front of you...
When all of the sweetness in life seems to have been drained out by all of the storms...

Turn to the One who controls it all.
Simply trust.

"Blessed Be Your Name" By Matt Redman & London Community Choir

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

~The REAL Benefits of HomeSchool~

Many of you have been following along with our fairly new homeschool journey. 
(to read more about our journey click HERE)

It has not always been easy. Nor has it always turned out the way I thought it would.
(to read more on our challenges click HERE)

Nor am I naive to believe that homeschooling is the catch all answer for every moral issue that plagues your child or family...if only life was that simple!?

However, it has been a real overall positive growing experience :)

So, even with all the challenges of homeschool, why say it was a good experience?

The REAL benefits of homeschooling are not solely academic...

The REAL benefit lies in the way it changes your family dynamics and promotes an overall deeper family relationship. The way it helps us become more Christ-like. 

Here are FIVE reasons I can say the last two years have been a real investment of my life:

  • My children are learning to work together. Not perfect, no...not by any means! But real co-operation on projects, chores, school work assignments and during play. (see our our typical day)
  • I have gained greater access to our children's hearts. Hearing them share their thoughts about their daily lives is something I have experienced more than ever before.
  • They have developed better problem solving skills, as they have taken on greater responsibilities within the home & with their school work. I am sure this was happening as well in their school, however I didn't get the opportunity to see it up close, or be able to come alongside & encourage them in it.
  • Since they usually finish their work in less time than regular school hours, there is ample time for recreation & 'fun' study! Reading, playing games, building forts, running races, make-believe...all done together :)
  • Our family is growing up together. Going through normal life stages & experiences together! For example: since baby's arrival, it has been a natural chance for my four other children to see how babies develop.. up close! (see how busyness is balanced in our home HERE)
How about you? Ever thought that homeschooling might be the route for you?

I am working on a really HUGE, GIGANTIC round-up post right don't want to miss it! "Considering Homeschool?" will feature many well-known bloggers sharing their personal experiences homeschooling. It will give you a great sample of what homeschooling may entail. Please subscribe so you do NOT miss out!!!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

~Share Your Stuff #43~

Share Your Stuff Tuesdays #43

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#18 Dirty Rice!

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~Share Your Stuff Tuesdays~

Share Your Stuff Tuesdays #42

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#36 Delicious Buffalo Potato Skins!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Most Important Calling In Your World...

"Mothering is at once the hardest and the 
holiest and the happiest."~Ann Voskamp

I find this parenting thing, well (sigh), it has been the most challenging 'job' I have ever had to undertake. I have never felt as stretched physically, emotionally, spiritually & mentally as I have in taking care of my five littles.

On the other hand, nothing-I mean NOTHING-has brought me as much JOY as seeing my children walk through life coming to a greater maturity, & growing in love....

A Calling To "Die" To Self

A magazine came in the mail today. A glossy bunch of papers with some beautiful people & a whole bunch of inspiring stories. I wouldn't consider it light reading either. It was one of our missionary mags that highlights what their organization is doing by sharing God's love around the world.

I often find myself reading mags like this. I find them truly very inspirational. A blatant reminder that my daily struggles are not really that big of a deal, at least on a world-wide scale.

Often I find them motivating. 
To give more. To think of others more. To live my life more fully.

The other day I read through some of their glossy pages, and if you can believe this, I was actually ENVIOUS of some of the characters. I've always loved exotic cultures, foods & people groups...but really?! Here were some of my thoughts: why can't I travel the world helping people? Why can't I be able to live in some other intriguing nation & spend my hours (all 24/7 of them) walking from village to village sharing the good news & loving on others?! Hugging the orphans. Feeding the hungry. Praying for the hurting....all good & dandy acts of kindness, if you ask me.

Then it hit me like a two-by-four in the front face...

The late night baby feeds.
The scraped knees bandaged & kissed.
Another squabble broken up.
Those late night talks.
Walks to the park.
The meals.
The baths.
The laundry.
The dishes.
The cuddles.
The love.
Your heart.
Your mind.
Your soul.
Your strength.
Learning to be totally surrendered...

I felt the Lord gently remind my heart that we as Mamas are indeed missionaries. Although it probably would not be considered exotic, at least in my humble opinion, it is truly a calling that challenges you nonetheless.

It trumps all else in your life.
There is no one else that can fulfill this call, not in the way that you do, that is.

Baby-sitters are fine & dandy in their place.
Day cares will still have to operate for the working Mamas.
Schools are there for those that need them.
Dads are just as important.

But there is NO ONE else on this earth that can replace YOU as their Mama!

You are needed. 
You are important. 
You are contributing to the welfare (or detriment) of future generations.

Every child will have their chance to exercise free will, and we can't go around blaming other Mamas who are struggling with broken hearts over the floundering... 
Instead, we need to encourage one another, and in certain seasons, cry out to the Lord alongside that Mama.

I am important. I am called. I am on my own 'mission field', as it were...'

The end result of this calling is MORE important than my:

Social media.
Cell phone.
Other jobs.
My hobbies & recreation.
My ministries...

I am NOT saying these aspects of our lives don't have their place!
Reaching out to others is very important, and takes up some of my schedule as well.
In fact all of the above can be quite useful in our 'mission' on earth to love Christ & love others.

However, you & I both know, how often we have 'caught' ourselves texting, or Facebooking, or trying to get in one more hour of scrapbooking/blogging/knitting/exercising/whatever, at the expense of our children....little ones that will not always be at our sides. Nope, not very much longer at all.

Never make your world child-centered, or end up with a very self-focused child.
However, never make your world you centered either, or you may pay the price one day in watching children who are just as self-absorbed & raising your grand-kids. do we enter into this calling without blowing it?
Blowing our tops; blundering our words & actions.
Withholding much needed L-O-V-E.

There is one simple remedy:
What we need is grace each & everyday!

His grace to get us through.
When needed, grace to ourselves to forgive & start fresh...

Grace to other parents...
Guess what? If they're going through a difficult struggle with a child, they don't need you preaching at them....they need love, support, and a generous amount of prayer.

The call to change the world.

"The loveliest materpiece of the heart of God is the love
 of a Mother."
~St. Therese of Lisieux

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is
 to decide forever to have your heart go walking around 
outside your body."
~Elizabeth Stone

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