Saturday, May 10, 2014

~Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers Everywhere~

~Happy Mother's Day~

A Post Written
By Hannah-Joy DeBruin, age 8
Daughter of Blogger: Rachael DeBruin


This May 11th is my favorite day in May. Why do you ask? Because it is Mother's Day.
Mother's Day all of the Dads should take care of the kids and let mom have some time by herself. Moms are always running around and never gets a rest.
I think my mother's favorite time is at night, because then she gets some alone time with Dad.

Mother's Day makes me think about how much time my Mom invests into me, and my siblings as well.Without my mother, I would not be here right now. God gave me my mother & for that, I am thankful :)

On Mother's Day
 my Dad usually buys flowers for 
my mother. It lets her know she is special to us. and The last time he bought her flowers, he asked if it helped her remember him. My Mom just laughed~

I'm so thankful for Mother's Day,because without it we would have no way to thank our mothers.

Love, Hannah xo


  1. Thanks Hannah for the sweet post :) Love you!! xo

  2. What a special Mother's day gift! Good job, Hannah on not just making your mom feel special, but other moms too! :)

  3. Awesome post! I think we have a future author here!

  4. Hannah, what a sweet daughter you are! Your Mama will remember this for a long time. Be sure to pray for her so she can be the best Mama for you that she can be!!

  5. This is such a sweet post. It made me smile. You have a beautiful and thoughtful daughter. Great job mama :).

  6. There's always a reason for me to feel "meh" on Mother's Day. But, I was able to make the best of it with my family. I finished a Mario Cart Lego set with my daughter. My husband and I went to an Asian restaurant between meals (which turns out to be a great time to go on a holiday, IYKWIM) and Cold Stone Creamery. We made cinnamon rolls for dessert and had a DiGiorno pizza/wings combo for a late night snack (bad for the hips, LOL). Have you watched Alphas? We just started that series last night. It was pretty good if you like shows like Fringe or Heroes. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Blessings to you~

  7. What a precious post! And, kudos to you for allowing your sweet daughter to share her heart! I recently let my daughter, Sarah, "guest post" on our blog (something she'd been wanting to do for weeks). I'll be showing this post to Sarah...I know she'll enjoy reading a post from someone close to her own age. If you think Hannah would like to read Sarah's post please feel free to stop by:
    Blessings to you and yours!

  8. What a nice post! I know your mom will treasure it and I'm sure she's thankful that you're her daughter!



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