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~Homeschooling Organizing Round-Up (Series Part 3~

If you missed the first 2 post from the series, here they are below:

 homeschool series reasons for


Homeschool Organizing Round-Up

But first, a re-cap of our own journey....

I started this 'home school' adventure more out of circumstances than any major forethought or rebellion against the 'school establishment'.
We had all four of our children in a wonderful private school that is attached to our church. 

Great teachers.
Great curriculum.
So many friends & familiarity.
Then we decided we were going to move out to the outskirts of the city.
Then we realized we wanted to have more children.
Then we understood that there was no easy way to get the kids to this school while I was pregnant...

So I began to research.
On & on I pursued all I could 'dig up' about homeschooling in our area.
I called people, emailed, questioned families already doing it (did I say interrogated??!)
I realized very quickly that this was NOT going to be an easy decision.
We counted the cost.

The first year was like no other.
It was challenging for me personally than any other season of my entire life.
When I became pregnant there were times I thought I would 'die', I was so tired!

But we pushed through.
We persevered...

Now we're on the other side & I've realized there are so many benefits to homeschooling!
(most days anyway, smile)

Since I began this adventure many people have questioned me on my journey:

"How do I begin?"
"Where do I find support?"
"Do I have to let the school board know?"
"Is this legal?"
"How do I set it all up?"
"What sort of curriculum should I use?"

That's where this homeschooling series came in...I wanted to share some of my previous posts, along with many of my friends' perspectives as well, and hopefully give you something to start with. 
To give you some confidence.

I am hoping, that through these posts, you will find some of the tools you need to 'weed' your way into the journey that we call homeschooling :)

***An update for our family: we realized our eldest two children are wanting to go back to school. We realized for them individually, they missed a lot of the aspects of their school AND they had had a bit of trouble adjusting to the changes.
 I did beat myself up a lot (A LOT!), however came to the realization that we have to custom our journey for our family. 

No Comparisons Allowed!!!

An aside: many of the answers to your homeschooling journey will also be specific to your location.
Where we live, Ontario/Canada, we have some of the most open laws on home schooling in the entire country.
Each province/territory or state will have different guiding principles.

The rest of the journey?
Well, that's where this 'round up' comes in handy.

Scroll down through the topics & read the shared life stories to get inspired!

Today, I'm touching on getting organized! 

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