Friday, February 27, 2015

The Moment You Realize You ARE That Large Family!

Large Family Living

I would hardly call myself an expert.

However, in my country (Canada) we are WAY above the national average of 1.1.
(I didn't even realize that it had gotten so low?!)

So I guess I am currently the mother of a LARGE family.

Not mega like some of my friends (you have to have at least 7).
Or one of my Facebook acquaintances that just announced number 15...
Congrats again, by the way :)

Nope, we're not large like that.

However, once you got more than say 3 or 4, 
there comes a different 'feel' about your family.

A new dynamic of sorts.

It lends itself to all sorts of new living patterns 
& social 'norms'.

So, today I am beginning a series on
large family living.

From my own perspective, 
I'll be sharing the beauty, the imperfections, the day to day routines, 
and a bit of everything in between!

No matter how many you currently have in your home, 
my hope is that you'll follow along, & be open to what may be a new perspective.

Another goal of mine, is that you'll also see large families differently.
More positively in fact.

Unfortunately the media has sometimes portrayed us in a VERY negative light.

& trust me, we have already heard it all.
You really don`t need to 'enlighten' us every time we bump into you in the grocery store...

"You know how this happens right."
"Our planet is already overpopulated enough"
"Time for a new hobby!"
"My, your hands are full."

Cue the look of judgment & disgust.

And occasionally, 
usually once we've given up interacting with strangers out in public, 
we get this sweet ole ladies that looks up at us,
with a glean & twinkle in her eyes...

"I had ten myself. Wouldn't change it for the world."

But that's few & far between these days.

And that's where you the backlash comes from; where us larger families feel compelled to speak out:

Let me share a few tidbits about our own larger family:

I am an educated person. I have both a university degree (graduated & tied for the award of my program), and a college diploma. I actually love to study interesting topics in my 'spare time'.

I DO know how this happens. I won't comment other than to say, that our interpretation of a pregnancy may be different than yours. I.e. all babies are life that should be protected

I live a busy life. Yes, that's true.
However, my single & smaller family friends also keep pretty busy themselves.

I don't feel that what we are EACH doing is any less important than the other
(who are we to judge the calling on one another's lives??)

Large family living is actually much better than what you think.

Yes, it is challenging.

And there are unique struggles that are very real.

But all of us larger family parents would agree: we are having a lot of fun!

Join us next week for the next post.

***Also, if you're a large family blogger & would like to guest post in this series (or send me links that I can share throughout my posts-must have NO swearing or nudity), then please email me using the contact form on the side of the blog. Thanks in advance.

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  1. We only have four and we get the same comments. I usually say, "No, we haven't figured out what is causing it...would you mind sharing with us?" ;D
    Children are a blessing, gift and honor! Love,love,loveeee all of mine!

    1. That's a great reply!
      Actually one friend of ours (mother of ten) says, "Yes we do AND we love it!"
      I don't think I could actually say that to someone's face without smirking, but I do feel a bit insulted when questions of that nature are asked. There typically is much more to the story than that..
      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog & commenting. And I totally agree about children being a blessing :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and I'm looking forward to the series. We only have 2 children right now but are waiting for the adoption of 3 more. I want to learn all I can before we have 5 of our own. I had no idea people would say those sorts of things....good to know.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of "large family". As a mom of 11, we decided long ago that if someone has an issue with how many children we have (or each time we announced another pregnancy), it is THEIR issue. Not ours. Simple. As. That. We are doing exactly what we were created to do, living the abundant life the Lord has for us, and enjoying it, I might add. The naysayers will always be among us. Feel bad for them and keep on smiling, knowing you are right where you are supposed to be.

  4. I love this post because my oldest daughter has two sets of twins and can relate to the grocery store comments! ("WOW! I'd hate to have YOUR food bill!") I was confronted myself while shopping at Costco with all four of them! (said with open mouths: "TWO sets? How did she manage THAT?")
    For the record, both parents have master's degrees and love every single second of family life. Of course they get tired, but the fun and fulfillment is worth it all!
    I am forwarding this to her. She will love it!
    And LOL on the replies to nosy people in the top two comments!

  5. This looks like such a FUN series! We only have 2.5 (is that how you say it… no. 3 due in September) but both my husband and I really look forward to being a 'large' family some day God willing.
    In a way I'm looking forward to the comments and judgement from the unknowing public:) as, to me, it is our way to encourage other families in the same place. You know… be part of 'the club'.
    Blessings to you and your brood!!!

  6. Wow - can I ever relate. Well said Rachael! I enjoyed all the links you shared in this post. Looking forward to this series and laughing along while learning :)

  7. I love my large family and wouldn't change it for anything! We just found out we are having twins to add to our other 6. Looking forward to see what you have to say.

  8. Enjoy reading post your post. We only have 3 and we get comments from time to time.

  9. This is great! I have 5 as well, and started getting comments when I was pregnant with no. 3; I was thinking "sheesh people! It's only 3!" My husband likes to tell people, "everyone is good at something, and we finally figured out what we're good at" he declares this with a huge grin, and enjoys telling his colleagues this as well. Makes me blush. :D Enjoyed this & looking forward to the rest of the series!

  10. I found that the comments stopped when we started adopting. 7 bio kids could be caused by ignorance, but it's a damn lot of paperwork to adopt. Once people figured out we were doing this on purpose, they pretty much left us alone about it. Or, rather, they found new inappropriate things to say...

  11. We have four children. All boys. You should hear the comments we get. I love big families and since everyone now is speaking out about being treated fairly that goes for large families too. I hope to have more children and adopt. Yes, I am busy and there is chaos but that leaves little time for selfishness.



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