Monday, April 13, 2015

When The Baby Has Arrived: 5 Pieces Of Wise Advice From Experienced Mamas!!! & Our Link Up!

You've read it on the blog folks.
That means 'it's official'

We've had our baby!!

Baby Nathanael graced us with his presence
last Wednesday April 8th, 2015.

Weighing in at 8 lbs. 12 ozs.
He wasn't my biggest baby, or my smallest

& it's been a 'ride' ever since he came home with us
from hospital.

The sleepless nights have returned...
The bus(ier) days...

And I keep forgetting which day of the week we're on.
But I digress ;)


I was having quite the day last week.
It was Friday, and lil Nate was only 2 days old.

Hubby had to return to work.
Leaving me with the younger four...

I was okay at first...

But as the day wore on
 I began to get a bit weary/grumpy/tired/jaded 
about this whole new baby thing!

So I took to the most reliable source of advice out there...
Facebook (smile)

& went one on my large family Mama groups.
Asked them how they do it.

What advice did they have for me?
Could they remind me of how I got through this before??

& they did...

Today I'm sharing some of what they shared with me.
In hopes it'll encourage another Mama out there...
like me.

Five Pieces Of Wise Advice:
For After You Have A New Baby!

It is imperative to get back up help!

This one really spoke to me. I asked my friends on Facebook for some advice and the main comment over & over again was, "ask for some help". So I have...I've been more vocal with letting my husband know how he can help. I've enlisted our older children to help where they can. I've been accepting any offers of child care help from those I know are acceptable & I can trust. Lastly, some ladies from church have offered us meals & we've gladly accepted those as well :)

Cleaning the house may have to go out the window! (for now)

This one is probably the hardest one for me. I am, by nature, a 'neat nik'. I love everything in its place. Everything orderly & clean. My hubby is definitely the opposite and is not bothered by things strewn all over the house! So as I look around from room to room (remember, baby is only five days old!) I can see that I will have a lot of work for myself once I'm back to my normal routine. But I am choosing to not care. And do a little bit at a time, as I feel up to it :)

Your sanity is more important than having everything done!

I thrive on check lists. On getting all my stuff done for the day. On getting tons accomplished. I'm a typical first born & a very 'type A' personality. It's times, but when you have a new babe in your arms, it's time to slow it down! I thank my Facebook friends for reminding me that this season shall pass by EVER so quickly. Time to slow down & stop to smell the roses :)

It is okay to even hire some outside help! (teen girls, homeschool children, friends that have some extra time, cleaning lady)

Even more than help from hubby & our older kids, is the useful help that comes from others that we can (hopefully for a good price) employ. I have, at the suggestion of these lovely ladies, gone & asked a few homeschool students to come once a week to help me get some extra work done. It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to earn a bit of cash, and an affordable way for us to try & get on top of it all. Again, thankful for this wonderful suggestion :)

You are not a failure if you feel overwhelmed!

A big thank you to our hormones, but most moms (maybe all??) feel overwhelmed after having a new baby. Whether it's your first, or your sixth like me, you will probably have a few days where you feel weary of it all --> the endless all nighters, all the feedings, the diapers changes, etc. etc. It is normal & I am thankful for being reminded of this. This too shall pass :)

Take it one day at a time!

Perspective is everything. In two months time the little newborn stage will be replaced by the chub of the 'baby stage', and then the rewarding interactions with your babe will begin...the newborn stage is really just a short stint of time where everything is beginning to be established for you & babe. If we remind ourselves of the brevity of this season, it makes it much easier on those days we feel overwhelmed :)

What about you? What tips do you have for a new Mama like me?? 
(feel free to add in the comments)

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  1. I just love this advice. I shall be coming back to this post when we have our baby in the summer!!

  2. Congratulations! My daughter was born the same day, although 22 years earlier. I think all the suggestions are great. I think I would be firm in letting the family/friends know you are taking a rest/nap/bath everyday at X o'clock and they will have to fend for themselves. Then stick to it. It is temporary and necessary to maintaining sanity and happiness for all.

  3. Yes to all of those! We just had our 3rd baby in February. We've made it to that marvelous 2 month mark! I was just talking to a young 1st time mom in my family at Easter and saying how it really does not get easier with subsequent children. You know a little more what to expect but the sleepless nights and living on a newborn scedule is never any easier. I've learned to live by 2 words in this season: grace and joy. I must allow myself grace to be less than perfect and, especially for the sake of my kids and husband, I need to find joy even when everything seems out of control.

  4. Hello beautiful! Thank you for hosting such a great party! Please take a moment to stop by our party. We pin and tweet your masterpieces!
    Lou Lou Girls



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