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Being A Mother: One Of The Greatest Callings Of Our Lives (NEW Series!)

Being A Mother: One Of The Greatest Callings 
Of Our Lives

A new series is live on the blog today!

"Motherhood: One Of The Greatest Callings
Of Our Lives"


I stroked his soft furry head as I studied his torso closely.
All the way from his beautiful head down to each precious toe...

Such a tiny being that had grown inside me
over the past 9 months...

That first night I couldn't possibly sleep
& I still cherish those first 24 hours with my firstborn.
 ...ponder the magnificence of it all.

That was over 15 years ago.

June 28, 2000.

It was then that I realized that I was now "Mom".*
...the first time that I experienced what some term 'parental bonding'.

A love SO profoundly deep, and penetrating to the depths of my soul.

A love that has had the power to bring me to the highest heights.

And cause me the deepest pain,
whenever I see one of my children suffer.

It has become a living analogy of Christ's love for me.


Recently, I just gave birth to our sixth child.

As I nurse him throughout each day,
 I find myself reflecting on the past 15 years
since I began this journey.

I hold my current wee one so close to my body & heart.
& then it hits me.

I remember the first time I was ever told these words....

"You're pregnant."

I was a freshman at university.
Had a scholarship.
Was studying to become a teacher.

Then the waves of dizziness & nausea began.
Every. single. day.

Exams were coming up & all I could think of
was getting some sort of medication to
take care of this unrelenting flu!

I waited in the examination room
while the on-site campus nurse checked some
of the routine test results.

One of them was a pregnancy test.
Apparently they give them to all female students
who come for in anything unusual like this.

I assured her it couldn't possibly be!
I was mostly irregular
& had come to the conclusion
that missed cycles were nothing to bat an eye at.

Well the test did prove positive...
Thus commencing my new journey.

I entered into the calling of motherhood.
& boy oh boy, it's been the ride of a lifetime!


In this series, you'll hear from myself, among a few other writers.
We'll be sharing our hearts on motherhood: the joys, the challenges

& WHY I believe it is one of the GREATEST calling or vocation
that one can be privileged with.**

Stay tuned to hear more...


If you would like to be considered for
this blog series, please contact me at
"Re : Motherhood Series"

I am looking for Christian writers, who have a story to tell.
Specifically about your experiences as a mother.

The good, the bad & the ugly.
Don't be shy! Contact me asap.


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*I truly believe that life becomes at conception.
Find out more on my thoughts of the unborn's plight by clicking here!

**That being said, I want to clarify something here.
As a Christian, I do believe that the GREATEST possible calling each one
of us has is to choose whether to follow Christ or not. (see Matthew 6:33, John 3)

However, once we become a mother naturally (from conception onward), I believe
that out of ALL the activities we could choose to do while on earth,
spiritual significance is given in importance to mothering.

And for the record, this could apply to spiritual mothering/fathering as well 
(i.e. mentorship & discipleship from one mature believer to another less experienced believer)

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  1. Beautiful contemplation of becoming a mother, Rachael...I was in graduate school on a fellowship when I found out I was pregnant with my first...I tried to finish school, but lost my fellowship when I had to go down to part-time after my daughter was born in 2001...ended up staying at home and homeschooling and wouldn't change a thing...she's thirteen now and helps so much with my younger ones (:

  2. I felt an instant bonding with my newborns too. Motherhood is indeed the most magnificent journey.



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