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Homeschooling Curriculum Choices For The Year

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Homeschooling Curriculum Choices
For The Year

In Canada, our school year starts the week after Labour Day.
Which is the first weekend of September.

Sooo, there's only two more weeks til we're ready to dive in!

This year, I'll be homeschooling a third & fifth grader.
As well as parenting a tot & newborn.

Our eldest two teens will continue their education in
private Christian schooling.


I've decided that this year,
 we're going to be mixing things up a bit.

As this will be our fourth year homeschooling,
we've learned a bit along the way.

First we started with all boxed curriculum.
Now we use THAT curriculum as our base,
but have added on to fill in any gaps, or
focus on special interests that our children have.


So without further adieu,
here are this year's school books purchased (by subject).



683170: Wordsmith Apprentice

Wordsmith Apprentice

I came across Wordsmith when I was searching out quality grammar
& writing skills curriculum for my eldest boys.

I really liked it's creativity &
style of learning. It implements practice of the
various parts of speech by giving mini writing assignments.

Strengths: uses & encourages creativity,
good supplement for literature study

Weaknesses: not a good fit for those who have trouble
translating their ideas onto paper

652372: Grade 5 English PACEs 1049-1060

ACE Paces have been our mainstay since we began homeschooling.
 I have loved it's independent learning
approach & it's biblical theme throughout the grades.

This year we will continue with ACE as our mainstay, but
supplement with various other books that you see in
 this blog review.

 I like having it as our meat 'n potatoes
so that I can see that we're progressing, however I feel that
 it lacks in depth & critical thinking skills.

Strengths: easy to implement in busy seasons of life,
'block step' learning, strong focus on creationism

Weaknesses: not much room for creativity, and child must
 be independent worker (or open to learn that skill)

Daily Grams offers a quick & easy to follow
review of all the grammar rules in an easy daily short lesson

Anyone can easily add in one quick review lesson as part of their day.

Strengths: easy to follow, good review for grammar

Weaknesses: should be supplemented with other English curriculum
& some children may not catch onto rules in this manner


469940: Primary Mathematics Workbook 3A (Standards Edition)

Primary Mathematics Workbook 3A 

We try to do flashcards. We have the ACE Math Curriculum,
but we also were given some free Singapore Math textbooks
a few years ago.

I started using them with our youngest son last year & he
absolutely loved them!

Strengths: few questions, lessons are short & concise

Weaknesses: not a lot of practice &some
may find the grade listed as 'harder' than other
equivalent grade math curriculums

A whole bunch of my homeschooling friends mentioned this
 math 'story book' as a simple &
memorable way to learn math concepts.
(although some use them as their
sole curriculum) 

Last year we purchased the first three books
in the series (apples, butterflies & cats)
& our kids loved them!

We did a short lesson a day for a season,
until we finished the first three books.

Strengths: easy to use, very simple concepts for the child to
understand, memorable story line

Weaknesses: not much practice of concepts,
seems 'too easy' at times (builds slowly)


427298: Creation to the Resurrection, Volume 1, Second Edition: The Mystery of History Series

Creation to the Resurrection, Volume 1, 
The Mystery of History Series

This is our first year using the 'Mystery of History' series.
So far, we have heard a lot of good stuff about it.

Strengths: (based on feedback & looking over) it is
 creation based, detailed &
takes biblical authority into their history accounts

Weaknesses: encourages a large time line to be created
 (looks a bit difficult to put together?)


337015: Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

Again, we have been using Science Paces
from ACE, but
this year we wanted to add on.

My children have shown a lot of interest in learning
about the human body & it's functions. I have also heard amazing
recommendations on this science program.
(Exploring Creation Series)

This year we are going to use it as a supplement.

Strengths: (based on feedback & looking over) very colourful,
 and short/interesting lessons

Weaknesses: seems more Charlotte Mason styled &
harder to 'measure' what child has learned


We are going to be doing some more Canadian Geography
with "Geography: Province To Prince" by Northwoods Press.

For our literature component, we will be using some readers we have on shelf.

Here's one series (Ten Boys or Girls Who...)
the kids & I really enjoy for read-alouds:

28369: Light Keepers: Ten Boys Who Made History

We'll also be participating in a local co-op,
some field trips & will encourage lots of reading!

What about your family; 
what are you planning for your homeschool year?

006699: Mom"s Night Out, Blu-ray/DVD Combo


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  1. Thanks for sharing your curriculum choices. I'm always looking for new ideas. Like you, I use one curriculum as a base and fill in gaps with other things. So many choices out there!

    I have discovered your blog on Mom2Mom linkup. Hope to visit back soon

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad we were able to connect through the link up :)

  2. We have used Easy Grammar as well for several years, but are taking a break from it this year. Our family is homeschooling an 11th, 7th, and 2nd grader this year. The 11th grader is using All In One High School (free online courses from a Christian missionary home school mom-It is quite extensive!) for Anatomy and Physiology, Government, and US History 1, For American literature, she is using Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Gold), math is Algebra II using KHAN Academy (another free resource), and an online course for "Thinking Like a Christian" in the spring using virtual homeschool group (another free resource). PE and Home Economics is an ongoing process throughout the year at home and with 4H.

    The 7th grader: My Father's World Rome to Reformation for Bible, Literature, some Language Arts, History, Science, Music Appreciation, and Art. Language arts is complete using the techniques in Brave Writer's theology. She is using Life of Fred math along with Khan Academy. She is also participating in 4H clubs: cooking, photography, and fitness.

    The 2nd grader: The same as above (MFW), but he is using Singapore Math, and Language Lessons for Today grade 2.

    Thanks for sharing your year! I enjoy reading, listening, growing with other home school families!

    1. For me, it's really neat to observe how (as the years pass by & experience is gained) homeschooling mothers learn to tailor their children's education to each individual's unique needs. You obviously are doing just that! Some great choices, from what I've heard :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog & sharing with us!

  3. I enjoy seeing what others are using in their learning environment. I am teaching 3rd and 5th this year also. We use Christian Light for math and language arts. We use a mixed bag for all other subjects.

  4. It's so cool to see what curriculum fellow homeschool Moms use. I have heard amazing things about Apologia and Life of Fred. How are your children enjoying those? Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)



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