Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Family Fall Update!

~ Family Fall Update ~

 Our Youngest Two At A Local Pumpkin Patch
October 2015

Life has been an adventure for us since school started.
And I've found it difficult to get back into the "extras".

& blogging would have to be in the "extra" category....

Our Four Younger Ones At Our Homeschool Pumpkin
Field Trip, 2015

School began with a whirlwind for us this year...

Homework, extra curriculars, our first field trips & appointments,
these usually fill up our fall days around here.

However, I am working this year to stay on track with our school work, and
keep our week days more balanced*.

Our eldest boys went back to the same school from last year.
A local private Christian academy, where they can work at their own pace.


*Side Note: most homeschooling families will tell you that socialization is NOT a problem.
They are correct!
There are a plethora of opportunities for us all. TOO many in fact. 
Stream lining is more in order for most of us :)


Just before school started, we also were the recipients of a special email.
Our family vacation spot has us up next for a permanent
trailer spot!!!

We were even offered the chance to purchase a trailer that is already set up.
Given some time, this will actually SAVE us the time, energy & money 
necessary to set up a new/used trailer. Win/win.

After 6 years on the wait list, we felt it was yet another answer to prayer. (
And we're still getting everything worked out, but we're looking forward to opening our 
new-to-us trailer in May of next year!!!


Hubby's work has been incredibly busy.
So busy in fact, that he was able to hire some help in the office.
Much needed help.
I'm so thankful for the load being spread out for my often 
 (very) tired spouse.

I've been also fighting my own mini 'battle' to regain my pre-pregnancy health back.
Since having our little wee one (baby six), I've had a number of aches & pains
in my hips & lower back. Probably also related is the fact that I just turned the big 3-5!
These pains/annoyances have been making it difficult to do some activities, 
and often causing pain
during the night in particular.

So, I've been making it a priority to exercise. I've really enjoyed swimming.
Yes, getting to a local pool is tricky with our jam-packed schedule, but it's worth the relief
in pain for me.


Birthdays, birthdays & more birthdays!!
Over the last couple of months we've celebrated quite a few birthdays in our family.

One special one I wish to mention is with our eldest daughter.
She turned double digits this year!! The big 1-0!!!

2015 Our Eldest Daughter Ten Years Old

Then, more recently, tragedy struck....

A couple of weeks ago, we found out quite unexpectedly that our Oma 
(my maternal grandmother)

had fallen ill. She had had a massive stroke...

I received the call, and went to work getting ourselves together
 to visit the hospital. My husband left work to join us.

It was unfortunately too late...
She was in a coma. 
And they said with her type of brain injury, there was nothing they could do.

Our hearts were broken.

We said our good-byes, had her pastor come by to pray, 
and we prepared for her to leave us.

The following morning we thought she might keep going.
But by the time my mother was already on her way to visit, the call came.

My Oma had passed away, into her eternity.

 My Beautiful Oma

 Oma With One Of Our Little Ones

Our Second Youngest Son, Bringing Flowers To The Grave

I can thankfully say that our family has had a lot of support through this loss.

The greatest blessing was that my grandmother's pastor and church did  such a wonderful job in honouring her life at the memorial.

There was a great focus on her hope in Christ.

"We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body,
 and to be present with the Lord."
2 Cor. 5:8 

We will miss her very much, but look forward to seeing her again :)


As for blogging, I've finally done it: added a Facebook page!!

I plan to get back into blogging regularly.
As much as possible with a life with six kids ;)

Below here are the links to all my social media pages.
I'd love to connect with you!!

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. Love your beautiful family!!



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