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Organized Chaos: Accepting Imperfection (Top Ten Tips)

Organized Chaos: Accepting Imperfection 
My Top 10 Personal Tips

With six kiddos (oh, and a hairy pooch!), you can only imagine the sort of clutter & chaos
we 'entertain' regularly in this home.

From the toys accumulated, to the clothes' never ending mountain tops...
We sure know how to make a huge mess, and in a very quick timespan!

Part of my job description as a stay-at-home mom is attempting to keep our living space
neat & tidy. Or at least being the 'general manager' of it all.

But for years, and with my Type-A personality, I have struggled with 
trying to keep it perfectly clean. Like perfect. Really, really trying.

But as our family has grown in size, and with my spare time dwindling,
I've had to learn to put precedence to the necessary only, leaving out the 'extras'.

So today, I'm going to let you get a little peak into my world.
How I attempt to keep some sense of order & sanity in our home.

But hopefully, it encourages you. Especially those of you who also
may struggle with time crunches, and deadlines...

We're in this journey together :)

With the diapers...and potty training...and busy teens...and...and!

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How To (Imperfectly) Manage Lots Of Chaos
My Personal Top Ten Tips

  • Declutter, declutter, & declutter!!! I aim to declutter seasonally, as well as whenever we've accumulated a whole lot of extra 'stuff' (like Christmas for example). I usually take two large garbage bags (or boxes) into a room (or closet, or small area) and designate one for garbage, and one for give away. Getting rid of excess stuff makes cleaning much MUCH more easier!

  • Seek to be generous! This goes along with tip one. I try to keep in the back of my mind people I know who could use something that we have extra of, or don't need. Put it aside, but in an easy to see location (even in the back of the car ready to go!). Optimally, you try to deliver within a week or two. It's always such a blessing to see the smile on someone's face when we pass on a treasure that was a right fit for them. Ensure whatever you pass along is in OPTIMAL condition (unless they're miss or mr. fix it). 

  • Aim for open space in the bathroom! If there's one room in the house that I want to keep tidy, it's our bathroom. I check the garbage cans pretty much daily, and ensure it's changed if needed. Toilet rolls stocked up & soaps. Floor decluttered, and a quick counter wipe helps make the room look tidy overall. Throw away any empty bottles, and containers kicking around. Check that the towels are changed when needed. For those of us with lots of boys (I have four sons & hubby) extra wiping down behind the toilet is not optional!! (smile)

  • Organizing cooking area! The second room that is most important to have organized and ready to go is of course, the kitchen. This is where I spend a huge amount of time cooking, and organizing our meals. Let's not forget washing dishes & all clean up. I enlist help from the kiddos to keep up with our dishes. Daily floor sweeping & mop is essential in our high traffic house. This area more than anywhere else.

  • Laundry, laundry & more laundry! I can barely keep up with it, so we've developed an imperfect system that seems to be sustainable (at least). My hubby puts a load or two each evening in the washer & then dryer. He puts into totes, and then once a week we sort it all, fold and help put it away. Throughout the week I sometimes do mini sorts, but often find it's too difficult to get much of it done with the littles needing my constant supervision. I have learned to live with a very cluttered laundry room, and given up perfection in this area ;)

  • Simplify your routine & learn to repeat! I really don't do that many deep cleans during the year. And (confession time) from time to time, I will spend extra money to pay a cleaner (a family friend) to come & affordably do a deep clean once or twice a year (especially when  I was pregnant and having trouble walking!). In general though, I have a simple routine that I repeat 2-3x's per day. Keeping the main living area tidy, the kitchen, and the front entrance (fairly) organized are important to me. Then there's some extras, and that's about it. So a twenty minute tidy in early morning, after school, and before bed. All of the kids who can walk help out at various levels...and that brings me to our next tip...

  • Keep ongoing communication on who does what! This is something our family is still growing in. Hubby & I have had many disagreements over the years due to simple misunderstandings in the home (i.e. who is supposed to take care of what task, which bill, etc.), but we're learning to compromise :) For example, he enjoys doing the laundry in the evening, so I've learned to let him. I don't like our kitchen all cluttered, so he is learning to help me out by putting his dishes in the sink after eating. Etc. etc. All couples & families can disagree in this area, but as we learn to talk it out, things go much more smoothly! Bring the kids in on the discussions where applicable. In this house, Mama's motto is, "All hands on deck!"

  • Do what you can & leave the rest! I try to get my 'list' done each & everyday (mental or on paper), but in real life it's impossible to always keep up. It really is, and the sooner we all realize that, the better. So I'm learning to compromise & do what I can on the day given to me....leading me to my last tip.

  • Accept "interruptions" as more important than the cleaning or organizing task at hand. A child may need some undivided attention, or an important phone call may present itself. Learn to prioritize people over tasks, and as I remind myself of this from time to time, the person in front of you is more important than our lists ;)

What about you, what are your top teps for (imperfect) sanity??
Please feel free to share in the comments section.



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