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5 Things Us Mamas Of Littles Want You To Know

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Five Things Us Mamas Of Littles Want You To Know

While we love all of our friends & family TONS, we can't always 
get out to everything in this (short) but incredibly busy season. 

We hope that you understand our declines are 
not indicative of our affection towards you.

We love you all. Very, very much :)

2) Everything that we do takes a WHOLE LOT longer than usual!

It used to take me a few minutes to zip in & out for a quick
milk pick up at the grocery store. 

Not so much anymore..

The grocery lists
are longer, and way more complicated than ever before.
They often include formula, baby food, wipes and
diapers now in the mix. 

On top of that, my littles often shop with me. When they do
just double the time for our shopping excursion. 
It often becomes THE excitement of the day.

On second thought, with diaper changes included, triple that time line!!!

3) We love & appreciate any adult interaction!

While singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" umpteen times is fun with our tot, 
it doesn't replace the adult conversation we often crave.

None of us would want to replace this precious season or want to seem
 like we are complaining...

However, if I seem a tad bit TOO eager to chat with you when I'm "out", then please,
please can you indulge me a few minutes? ;)

....even if babies & their constipation issues aren't that exciting!

4) If you don't have any littles, we'd  love an offer to come to our home!

Of course, we will retaliate when we can (fair is fair), but in this season
simply getting out the door can seem a mountain so large & daunting
that we'll often say "pass" instead of explaining the real reason....

And if you do kindly come visit us at our place, please don't mind the mess ;)

I have walked up to friends that I've known for years, and blanked....
super embarrassing. 

And twice over this past month I've 
blanked on which day of the week it is, and what we have planned.

I know where all the diapers & wipes in the house are (usually).
I know the last time my baby & tot took a nap.

But I can't always recall who you are, how old I'm turning in a few months, or
most of the theories I learned in university. Ooy.


Chock it up to extreme sleep deprivation.
Or hormonal instability.

Don't worry though.
I'll be back to my normal self one day.

Well, a new normal.
& it might just take approx. 3-4 years to get there, lol..

In the meantime, please show me grace, grace & more grace.

And when it's your turn, I'll be sure to do the same for you!



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

5 Tips To A Stress-Less Christmas AND A SUPER DUPER Holiday Round Up Post!!!

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5 Tips To Have A Stress-Less Christmas

Okay, is a  completely stress-free holiday even a possibility for most of us??

No, probably not...

However, making choices that result in LESS stress is a reality we can all aim for.


So how do we do that??

Well, I'm sure there are tons, but here's my TOP FIVE PICKS from my own journey. 

In no particular order...


1) Do not, I stress NOT, overschedule the calendar.

Everyone does, but if you have young children, just jot "MELTDOWNS" on the calendar if you don't plan for some down time in before & after major activities.

I aim for one big event a day if I can help it. Two if necessary, but then I let the host know I can only stay an hour or two before having to leave. 

Even scheduling in a family day sometime during the holidays (with nothing else planned but rest time) is a treasure you'll be thankful for, if you can swing it.

Christmas gift guide

2) Eat (somewhat) healthy.

Okay, so let's be honest here, we're ALL going to have a treat or two (or more...), but we don't have to make every meal a four-course spread with dessert included!

I focus on our ensuring our meals at home are as healthy as possible, so that when we're out stress as much witnessing our kids consuming extra treats. The main concern is that with more junk food consumed, the more likely it is that there will be illness in the home. 

As a Nutritionist, I'd say focus on--> limiting sugar, eating tons of veggies daily, and having adequate protein each meal (to avoid sugar crashes & intense cravings when you hit those parties!)

3) Aim for adequate sleep.

Sleep is what is going to refuel your body, and allow it to handle any extra pressure the holiday season may bring. It also allows the body (& mind) to recharge from any stress you may have experienced during the day, and be ready for the next one.

In this season, I haven't been getting many full nights without interruptions (baby, toddler, someone up needing attention, etc.), so I also fill up my 'sleep debt' when dad is home on the weekends (i.e. take naps where you can!)

4) Focus on relationships over "busyness".

Five years from now you won't be fondly reminiscing on all the presents, the stressed out shopping treks, the overeating, or your over committed schedule. In fact, those things might be mini trauma points that you'd rather block out ;)

The one where you saw one of your relatives & actually got to have a little heart-to-heart sharing with one another. The late night games' night spent laughing & giggling with your friends. The special church gathering where you listened to an inspiring message about giving, and afterward was able to share thoughts & 'break bread' with a loved one.

Make time on your agenda for relationship.

Now, I do realize that some get togethers, and unfortunately some relationships for that matter, have the potential to be very stressful encounters. Limit those ones!

Instead, go meet with those 'old' friends from high school you've been forever meaning to have lunch with, but keep finding excuses. Call up a close friend who's life has become as crazy as yours. Plan a date night with your spouse, or even one of your children.

In other words, be intentional.

5) Focus on the true meaning of CHRISTmas: Christ's Hope.

The focus of Christmas is God's love for us.

Undeserving of it at even the best of times.

"Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.."
1 Timothy 1:15b

We were, the whole lot of us, drowning in our own selfishness & all the curses
of sin's holds. I know I certainly was.

And He still reaches out His Hands to us today.

When we focus on that alone, we are able to let go of much of the "other" stuff...the stress & the worries that keep us up at night.

I have been trying to develop a new habit as of late to help avoid stress, or at least lessen its load.

I have taking some time (almost) every morning, before I start my day, to read a bit of a devotional book, and then some scripture. Lastly, I take time to pray about anything AND everything that has been weighing on my heart over the past day OR hour OR even minute....

 It really has helped me to experience more peace throughout the day :)


Lastly, I have to add in, that although we aim for "stress-less" living, in actuality events can & will occur that we have absolutely ZERO control over. 

In those times, it's important that we regroup & get some outside support.

I wanted to add that, because I know I've experienced a few heart breaking Christmas' over the years, and please know that you not alone! Someone right now is going through what you are going through, and you can find help.


So, what are your stress reducing tips for the holidays?

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