Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Typical Day In Our Homeschooling World

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A Typical Day in Our Homeschooling World

In our home, we don't aim for the 'same' everyday,
but instead we try for consistency.

Consistency over time yields great results.

When I sit & look back at what we've done over this past year,
 I am so proud of our children.

They've worked hard. They've cooperated (mostly!).

Note: Everyday I write down an outline what we accomplish. For myself more than anything.


I realize that the schedule I'm sharing today is only a snapshot
of where we're at currently as a family.

I know it'll continue to evolve as we grow & mature in age,
and as our homeschooling vision changes.

~Our 'Aimed For' Homeschool Schedule~

6:30-7:00 Mommy wakes up & has her tea. One of my favs is nettle.
 Most importantly, time to journal my thoughts & pray.

Anytime between 6-7:30am Nurse Baby

7:30am Daddy leaves for work. Teens leave for school.

7:30-9am Older two kids get own breakfast. I feed tot & baby their food.
Morning Chores & Devotion.

9:00am-9:30am  Begin PACES; Science, English and/or Math (first section of homeschool).
Baby usually goes for first nap.

11:00am First break (sometimes earlier or later depending on day)

11:15am Begin book work (*see embedded link for full list) with Mom and/or marking PACES 
(second section of homeschool)

Noon (approx.) Lunch time! Often older two kids help prepare & serve (they love it!).

After lunch, we clean up. Often I bathe younger two. Then the littles have nap time.

Older two kiddos usually take a second break :)

1:00pm (or later) Resume with rest of subjects. (*see embedded link for full list) 
Usually if younger two are napping,
I can concentrate to help them with more difficult material.

2:00/2:30pm Finished up work. Older two do music practice.

Once finish, we have some free time before I have to pack up
& leave to pick up the teens from their school.

Sometimes a special project breaks out!

Often I spend time with baby & toddler doing activities.

Now, this schedule doesn't include all the FUN extracurricular activities 
that we participate in; usually we have at least 2-3 of them throughout the week
(i.e. co-op, field trip, play date, library time, bible quizzing, hike or special shopping excursion).


What is a typical day like in YOUR homeschool?




  1. That is a busy, busy day! Looks like everyone had loads of fun. Love the picture of your son holding the chick. That is precious!

    1. It certainly is :) But with six kiddos I can't expect much less (smile), and it makes the times of rest (on the weekend & in the late afternoons) so worth the wait!!

      Thanks for coming by the blog Erin! Glad you stopped by.

  2. We did paces when my big kids were little, too. It was easiest for me.

    1. They're so handy when Mama has something to do, aren't they?? I love being able to clean up around the house & take care of the littles while they get some stuff done, before the group work.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog Shecki!

  3. I wish I could get organized like you. U are amazing and I truly mean that. Luv u :)

  4. I love reading about all the different schedules homeschooling families have! I don't think any two are ever quite the same. Heck I can't even say our schedule is the same year to year; as needs change so does our approach. It sounds like you have a routine that really works for you.

  5. Great schedule. Thanks for sharing with us how your day looks. It is always a good idea no matter how long you have homeschooled to share with others to find out what works and what no longer works. I have had to readjust my schooling several times throughout the years.

  6. Rachael,
    I *wish* we had a typical homeschool day! With middle and high schoolers at home, throwing in jobs, co-op and college (dual enrollment) classes they take, karate, music lessons, and, well... "life", I am amazed at how much my kids accomplish. This year, tho, the biggest thing we are ALL learning is flexibility! LOL

  7. I love getting a glimpse at other homeschool days. It's getting harder for us to have a "typical" day as the kids get older and are involved in so much. :-)



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