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5 Ways To Nutritionally Support Your Family

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5 Ways To Nutritionally Support Your Family 

Many of us instinctively realize that the winter weather lends itself to an
increase of colds & flu bugs "floating around",
and scientists continue to study the reasons why.

Nonetheless, whether it's winter or summer, whenever people are living communally,
your family may experience some sickness from time to time.

However, I do believe there are some EASY practical steps that you can
 take to help best support your children (and yourself!) nutritionally.

Here are FIVE PRACTICAL steps-->

1) Cut out or lessen sugar consumption.

I believe that sugar is one of the worst 'foods' of the Western diet.

In my opinion, eating too much of this 'food' (particularly white sugar)
lends itself to all sorts of health problems. 

Here are a few things to consider about sugar:

Some valuable reasons to consider lessening your family's sugar consumption!

2) Supplement with Vitamin D.

Since studying nutrition, I've decided to keep this handy supplement
available in the house for our entire family. 

Now, on top of Vitamin D, we should ensure our family is eating an overall 
balanced diet.

I also choose to supplement with a basic vitamin & mineral, and a high quality 
probiotic (helps support good bacteria in the gut).

3) Eat foods that contain living enzymes.

Which foods contain living enzymes you may ask?

Basically, ALL foods that are "alive" have living enzymes.
So that would include plant foods!

In all their colourful array.


a) Stock up on a variety of fresh produce every time you shop.

b) Include a salad "station" in as many meals as possible.

4) Keep nourishing bone broth in stock.

The properly prepared homemade soup (and broth), is 
an addition your home can't afford to be without.

It is such an easy food to make, having been around for generations, and consumed

Plus, for the frugal shoppers out there, animal bones are relatively easy to find
AND affordable. The local butcher should have some on hand.

5) As much as possible, make your food from scratch.

Food that is highly processed is pretty much devoid of nutrients.

Why do you think that processed food has to have vitamins & minerals
"added back in"? (check your bread loaf's label if you don't believe me)

The more processed a food is, the less nutrients available, 
and that leaves us with only one thing:


By cooking from scratch, YOU are now in control of the content. 

By making your own food, you are also able to keep out chemicals that normally

Of course, I realize that that it may not be possible to do this all the time.

But even if you aimed to increase your home cooking this year by say 25%
 (especially if you use well chosen nutritionally dense ingredients), 
you are helping to GREATLY improve what your family will be eating.

Set reasonable goals.


c) Become a good friend with your slow cooker. Less fuss & creates meals with less work!


So there you have. Five practical tips to help nutritionally support your family.

Which one are you already going? 
Which one do you hope to newly implement this year?


***Note: this article is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. 
It is for educational purposes only.




  1. This is so helpful and informative Rachael. Cutting down on sugar consumption has a HUGE impact on health. I also like your point of making things from scratch. We're hearing more and more how processed food is harming our health!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cutting down on sugar probably makes the most significant improvements, but it's the hardest one to do, isn't it?? ;) At least I've sometimes experienced that myself.

      Thanks so much for coming by the blog Jennifer! Have a great week :)

  2. Great ideas! My family and I are definitely trying to eat foods with less sugar in them, and I just bought a bread maker! We are never buying store bought bread again! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. That's awesome about the bread maker! Hope to see some recipes on the blog in the future ;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by :)

    2. That's awesome about the bread maker! Hope to see some recipes on the blog in the future ;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by :)

    3. Thanks again for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Will let you know about any recipes, lol! We have just been sticking with the regular white bread recipe, but it is so delicious! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  3. I need to get back on track with having us all take vitamin D again as it was something that slipped off the radar with everything else going on. Most people I talk to are so unaware that it helps to boost your immune system, but I have sure found it works. And this was a bad year for flus/colds where we are so we sure could have used it. Time to get this back into our routine so we can all stay healthy! One of my favorite uses for my slow cooker is to cook a whole chicken, as it makes it so easy to use that meat for sandwiches during the week rather than processed meats or to easily add into a casserole for a quick dinner!

  4. Yes, cutting sugar is a real challenge! Something that I need to restart-not easy in a family which loves cake.

  5. I love to bake, so learning newer, healthier ways to indulge my hobby was a challenge. Substitutions, and experimenting with healthier ingredients, made a huge difference for me!

  6. What great tips Rachael! I am with you on cutting out sugar. I admit that I enjoy it way too much but there are so many great substitutes and I know that it really should be removed from our diet. I cook from scratch for the most part in our home so I feel any of the bad things are balanced out by the nutritious food I cook;) But I am always looking for ways to feed my family the best food possible. Thanks so much for this!!

  7. Great tips! Cooking from scratch is key I think. You can take out a lot of "stuff" by cooking with the basics. Thanks for linking up to the Country Fair Blog Party!



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