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Top Ten Tips: Eating Healthy On A Budget!

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Top Ten Tips
To Eat Healthy On A Budget!

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, 
I've had some experience talking to people about what they eat.

One of the most common obstacles that prevents
many people from eating healthy is, in fact, their budget.

There are other barriers of course, but this
one is prevalent these days.

With job losses, wage cuts, and increasing bills AND food prices, well, 
that puts a lot of pressure on even the most frugal of families.

We're a one income family ourselves, with six children no less,
so we can relate!

Ergo, today I'm going to share my TOP TEN TIPS to save money on your groceries!

All the while, focusing on healthY eating.

And please don't feel that you're alone....

It's a personal goal of mine to eat even healthier this year, 
and aim to follow as many of these same principles as possible.

***feel free to comment with your own personal tips 
as well. We'd love to hear from you :)

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1) Use whole foods as much as possible.

If you think back to what our ancestors ate, there wasn't any
packaging included. It was simple, and unprocessed.

Although some unprocessed foods do cost a bit more
than their commercialized counterparts (think meat),
going back to a more traditional diet will eventually save money
as we trim off all that "junk" that we really don't need.

For an intro to eating based on what our ancestors ate, check out the
interesting research of the late Dr. Weston Price -->
"Characteristics of Traditional Diets"

2) Grow your own foods where possible.

This is one where I admit I have failed....

Every year I've attempted to grow a garden, but it has not produced
what I had hoped.

However, even the few plants that DID work out, yielded
us tons of food that cost us only a few dollars!

If you can plan to grow even a few vegetables/fruits this year,
then you'll have shaved some money off of the ole' budget.

That's makes it worth the (often tedious) effort (wink).

3) Use local farmer's markets. 
For deals, shop at the end of the day.

I actually ENJOY shopping at the farmer's market.

Where we live, it's not that close to us, so normally
it's a treat when we get to one.

When I do go, I search out different
vendors & delight in trying new products.

Though my fav way to shop there is to wait until the end of the day,
and then score some amazing deals!

Most vendors will eagerly take a cut off of original
prices, if it means they don't have to lug all their
produce back home.

4) Use a meal plan.

This is probably my FAV way to trim the budget.

By planning what you are going to use for each meal,
you are trimming off extra expenditures that
emotional grocery shopping will often lead to
(been there, done that).

Try to set aside a regular time (whether once/week or month)
to fine tune what you need to purchase.

Don't forget to do a walk through your fridge & freezer
to see what you have already kickin' around!

6) Double batch & 
incorporate leftovers into your meal plans.

This works well for casseroles, soups, stews, and grains.

I often make a huge pot of brown rice at the beginning of the week,
after pre-soaking it, and then use throughout the week with
most lunches & dinners (freezing extra works too).

Quinoa is another rich grain that this works well with.

7) Buy seasonally.

It costs money to import foods from other countries.
By buying seasonally, when fresh produce is available, we often save
a pretty penny.

Even better, visit a local farmer's stand or store to buy their specials,
and support local businesses!

8) Realize when you eat healthier consistently, 
you may save on medical bills!

We often complain that we have to put out a lot of money
to eat nourishing foods (although some same it's not as much as we think), but
if we count the TRUE cost of eating that junk, then we'll realize
that eating healthy is really a long-term investment.

It will eventually pay off dividends.

9) Buy in bulk (watch per unit pricing however).

We have a local large shopping chain that we shop
at almost every week.

There are many stores that do offer great discounts when
purchasing large quantities, but still, it is wise to watch the
"per unit" pricing on the price label.

Sometimes a cheap deal, or flyer match can also bring the
same savings.

Use this tip with discretion.

10) Make your own from scratch when possible.

This works for those that have or are able to "budget"
the time to do so.

All the same, by making your own muffins, pancakes, protein bars, treats, etc. 
it not only increases nutritional value (as you avoid preservatives),
but it often saves money.

Watch pricing on items such as flour & sweeteners, and
freeze extra batches for even greater savings.

Here's a couple sample recipes -->
Chocolate Orange Oat Bars! & Nourishing Brown Rice Pudding


So what does YOUR family do to save money?
(please share in comments below)




  1. These are great tips. Meal planning is my biggest money saver. Knowing what we are going to eat keeps us healthy and saves us money. Thank you for sharing on the Faith Filled Parenting LinkUp.

    1. I agree that the meal planning is definitely the biggest money saver! Over here it's that way too :) Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.

  2. I definitely do #1, #5, #6, and #10. My idea of meal plans is to make a soup that depends primarily on whatever fresh veggies are on sale at the store. I do not have easy access to land, so no garden, though I want to do sprouts this year. Be careful with #9!!! Some labels lie! If your mental math skills suck, take a calculator with you.

    1. Wow, that's awesome Richard that you're able to incorporate so many of these tips!

      Totally agree with #9 caution...many a time shopped at Bulk Barn & felt disappointed with the receipt afterward.

  3. Great tips! The main area of my budget I need to "cut" is food. I love to cook and we love to eat healthy so our bill can be astronomical. Really working on planning meals that use the same ingredients in the same trip. Would love to have you link up

    1. Haha! Yes food would be our biggest expensive here too ;) Other than our mortgage & tax stuff, yes groceries/eating take up the majority of the rest of the budget.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog Kate!

  4. Great great great tips! I'm actually doing mostly whole foods right now. It's kind of difficult since we aren't near a large town with multiple grocery stores. But, these are great tips. I do garden and after this experience I plan to be growing a more variety of vegetables!

    1. Good for you with the whole foods! I totally hear you, that it can be difficult depending on what is local.

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog Tori :)

  5. Excellent tips! I've kind of wavered on my meal planning but need to go back to doing it regularly! It saved so much money and also made my life easier with fewer trips to the store!

    1. It's a new year, so a new start, right? & it will save money in the end for sure :)

      Hope the meal planning turns out for you & thanks so much for stopping by the blog!!

  6. My kids are now in their forties so it's been awhile. One of my best friends was powdered milk. They didn't drink it but I added it to all
    kinds of things to give them a protein boost.The family loved cream of anything soup (made with a light white sauce using 2% milk).That used up a lot of leftover veggies. Don't waste anything.I used to cry over leftover salad. I used it to intoduce my kids to minnestrone.Believe it or not it was great, even if it had dressing on it. I made hundreds od completely new meals from leftovers but never the very next day. I learned a lot of recipes from my grandmothers who had raised families during the Depression.Another trick I learned was to use the small amounts of leftover meals for homemade frozen TV Dinners. The kids loved nights where everyone could have something different. I worked backwards in my meal planning. I shopped the loss leaders and then figured out what to do with it. I'm an artist and my saving grace was pouring creativity into our meals, looking at it as a challange and just having fun with it.To this day I can put together a fabulous meal for any number of people in 15-30 minutes if needed.The Pennsylvania Dutch trick of filling the table with odds and ends of whatever you have doesn't hurt either. Don't be afraid to try new things. think WHAT IF and WHY NOT. Above all have fun and remember to be gratitude for the incredible abundance we are all blessed with.

  7. Hey!! Thanks for sharing. Coming over from Raising Samuel's

  8. Thanks for sharing this great list of ideas with #SocialButterflySunday! I love to shop the farmer's markets and I buy things in bulk, when it is a good price. I also coupon and shop the sales to help save money. Hope you join the link up again this week :)

  9. Great suggestions. I love soup and stews.

  10. Oh great great money saving tips I totally agree with them all, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  11. I always thought eating healthy was so expensive. What a great way and tips for money saving way to keep eating healthy. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  12. Perfect for people in lots of circumstances! Great post! Thanks for sharing at country fair blog party! Our next link part opens up on Sunday and I hope you'll join us again! Can't wait!



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