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Writing A Homeschooling Vision: 5 Things To Consider When Writing Goals

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Writing A Homeschooling Vision:
5 Things To Consider When Writing Goals

What is the definition of a vision for your homeschool?

Basically it is creating a vision statement, whether written down or in your heart,  
that represents the core set of values that your family upholds in regards to homeschooling.

These values will govern & determine your course of action, as it relates
to making choices in regards to homeschooling...



So how exactly DO you come up with your own unique homeschooling vision?

Well here are 5 thoughts that I believe will help in creating your own-->

Five Thoughts To Consider
While Writing Your Own Homeschooling Goals:

1) Pray about it!

If we ask, He is faithful & will give us wisdom. (see James 1: 5) 
He may send someone along to help share from their journey. He may guide you towards 
a particular passage that gives you insight. He may speak through your spouse or 

2) Talk to your spouse and/or children.

Unity is important if our homeschools are going to thrive. Although a spouse may not
even be particularly sold on the idea of homeschooling (yet!), you have both
ultimately decided to give this lifestyle a try.

So, how do you get unified with your spouse?
Talk to him/her! Pick their brain on what their idea of a well adjusted child/adult
looks like. Ask what is important to them.
 Don't leave this conversation to chance! Set aside a time to do this.

KEY:  Also, re-evaluate from time to time to discuss what's working & what's not.

With your children/teens, you may want to ask them what type of career they are
leaning towards. What field are they drawn to? What gifting can you see developing
in them? This info can also be helpful in setting your course.

3) Get the end goals in mind, then work backwards from there.

It's better to look at what where you want to end up, and then 
break down incremental steps that you will take to get there.
Goals will include character traits, family values, but of course academics
will be thrown into the mix.

Some of my own personal homeschool goals are: having children who are
competent in math, who can communicate effectively, and 
are diligent workers. Those are only a few, but they have definitely 
influenced our schedule & which curriculums we are using!

4) Leave room for "life to happen" (be flexible!).

Life does happen.....

Your financial circumstances may change.
You may have to start working part-time.
You may end up moving.
A loved one may end up needing you to care for them.

But that's okay...

If we set our goals, leaving room for the "unthinkables"
to happen, when they do, we won't be totally thrown off
kilter. We need to remain open to change.

That brings us back to number 1. Stay in communion with 
the One who knows what's ahead.

5) Don't allow other's decisions to derail your efforts.

Yes, we can always glean from others.
I think it's wise to follow the examples of others
who are successful in an area of life that
we also want to succeed in.
Being teachable can take us a long way.

However, you are not them!

So are your children...

However, once you've set your course, keep it set!
 Don't change your family's core set of values, unless of course
God shows you that they're not the right ones ;)


Here are some scriptures with more 'food for thought'-->


What about you?
Do you have a list of homeschooling goals?
Or a vision statement?

If you do, feel free to share in the comments section below.



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  1. Excellent advice Rachel! Homeschooling with a clear vision is so important, and it makes the decision-making process on curriculum, activities, etc. so much easier. Thanks for sharing your post at NextGen Homeschool's Homeschool Mother's Journal link-up!
    Renée @ NextGen Homeschool

    1. Glad to have linked up! Thanks so much for hosting & stopping by the blog :)

    2. Glad to have linked up! Thanks so much for hosting & stopping by the blog :)

  2. Such great advice, Rachael! Praying about it is so important. I liked how you included the flexibility. That is the curve ball you don't see coming when you are a new homeschool Mom! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  3. We were advised to write out our reasons for home educating for the difficult days when we wondered whether it is all worthwhile. This was such helpful advice. Knowing the reasons does dictate the goals.

  4. I have tried to do a vision statement and have tried to get my husband's opinion on what to do. It is actually a pretty hard process. Especially when it's all on one person's shoulders. I really like your list and find I have done some of them. My goals always start with prayer and asking God what He wants for my kids. And then I ask him to help me see what curriculum/character traits/etc I need to use/work on/etc. IF God wasn't guiding it at all, I don't think I could move forward in it.

  5. Our homeschool vision is really just an extension of our family vision. Both center on knowing and serving the Lord. I am blessed that my husband is invested not just in our family overall, but in our lifestyle of learning as well.

  6. We are starting homeschool with my little ones in the fall. I love your idea of having an actual "vision" for your school before getting starting picking all the other nuts and bolts of school. I've been so busy researching curriculums, routines, and resources getting increasingly confused because they are all so different. Having a vision as you suggest would really help to sort out the options. Plus, I really like the practical suggestions you offer to get there. Excellent! Thanks for a very organized and informative read!

  7. I love setting goals. I feel like I accomplish so much more when I do. I really like # 1 and #4 Prayer is so essential to anything we determine to do and being flexible is really key to surviving homeschooling;) Great goals and inspiration here!

  8. Wise words Rachael. I've been homeschooling for twenty years now and find it changes every year. In the beginning, I compared a lot...not so much now. God gave these kids to me, because he knew I was the best mama for them. Same with you and every other mama.

    Thanks for talking to me at Harvest Lane Cottage. You honored me. I will be delighted to see your name come through my email again!

    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. It is amazing to me that when I forget to pray, everything takes longer and is more difficult. The moment I sit down to pray, things fall into place. Two years ago, I was trying to figure out curriculum and prayed. The next morning I sat down at the computer, and the first posting I read on Facebook led me to a new curriculum choice that was just what I needed.

  10. Rachel,
    You are SO right about setting goals - vision is essential! I have to admit I haven't always been good at that over the years, but most definitely when I've been able to communicate a vision to the kids - and have gotten them to "own" it for themselves - THAT's been key to all of us feeling like the year went well!
    Sometimes it's easy for new homeschoolers especially to get caught up in what to teach that they may not consider the big picture. Easy to do, that's for sure.
    Keep encouraging us all :-)

  11. This is great! It's so important to have a vision- something you're working towards. Otherwise you're blown about by any and every idea you hear. Having focus and goals as you mention can help guide our day to day choices.



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