Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Most Exciting News!!!

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There are a plethora of reasons why a blogger may take a break from writing....

They're extra busy with their "real life".

They're fighting a battle with illness.

Major exciting changes are going on in their lives.

For me, it's been ALL three. 

And a positive change I might add :)

I am excited to officially announce on the blog that Baby DeBruin #7 is on the way!!!

Questions On This Pregnancy:

1) Are you having any weird or wacky cravings?

Yes, indeed I am. Mostly the same as with my other pregnancies.
Tons of sour grapefruit. Candies & ginger ale (trying to limit these ones!)
Carbs. Mainly any type of bread (helps with the intense nausea).

2) Are you feeling sick with this one?

 However, I am trying to pace myself & limit my activities.
I  do feel extra tired, but hubs is great for letting me rest in the evening.
He's even taken off extra afternoons when I had some of my "worst" 

Nausea has been on & off. 
Been sucking on little candies & it gives some short-term relief. I was excited to try Diclectin, however, only two days in & I realize it's really really bothering my digestion...so going to 
look for a natural B6 & Ginger mix at the health store soon.

Here's hoping that helps!

3) Are the older siblings excited?

The older ones figured out I was expecting before we felt ready to share.
They were happy, but hesitant as they know how sick Mom can get (they don't like to 
see their Mama suffering at all of course). The middle two are more excited and are
already "voting" on what they think the baby is...we'll find that out sometime
in May :)

4) Was this a planned pregnancy?

I actually had someone ask me this on my Facebook. I guess once
you have a whole bunch of kiddos everyone wants to know 
'the story behind the story' (smile).

For us, our journey began when we experienced a loss a number of months ago. 
That was a surprise, however once we realized we were expecting, we quickly
changed our attitudes from shock to planning, & even began to look for 
everything needed for the wee babe....unfortunately, later
that same week we started to miscarry...

It was a hard time, and I still don't like to talk about it....

As most women do, I blamed myself for the loss 
(i.e. I wasn't eating right, maybe it was the lack of sleep, 
the amount of nursing my other older baby, when I took that Ibuprofin, etc. etc.) 
but later I came to the rational conclusion that it likely had NOTHING to do with anything I had done...

These things happen in our fallen & broken world.

I cried an ocean of tears & only told a few close friends
who I knew had also recently gone through a loss. So we could share together
our pain & prayers.

I am sharing this now, as out of that, came a deep cry in my heart
that perhaps we were not done having children.

My husband had always wanted another one, but I was
scared of the pregnancy, and if I could be a "good enough mother"
for another child...

This past January, our church had a week of prayer & seeking the Lord.
I really sought Him about direction & wisdom in this area.
I prayed about it all throughout that week, alongside many other issues
that I wanted His perspective on (James 1:5).

Later that week, I really felt a green light to trust Him if we had another one.
Through reading His Word & spending time in prayer, I came
to an inward peace.

And so, out of that, I came to trust that if it happened all would be taken care of.

We found out we were pregnant later that same month....
And that's how this child came to be :)

5) Are you hoping for a girl or boy? Do you have any names picked out?

As mentioned above, a couple of our children are hoping for 
one particular sex (the same one that they are!), but as for
myself & Jeff, we are open.

I had thought it'd be nice to have another girl, but 
God knows what it is, and with either we'll both
be equally as excited!

As for names, we do have a few picked out
but we are planning to do something
fun & different with this pregnancy.

We're going to get an envelope from our midwife's office
with the sex of the baby. I want to do something
special (cake? balloons? I don't know) that 
our children, and our close friends/family 
who want to participate can join us in.

I think it'd be neat to find out & celebrate together!

Then we'll announce the name choices....

If you know me, you know that I love parties & 
I really look forward to having this become 
a special memory during this pregnancy.

***NOTE: after our loss, I had problems with my hormones regulating. 
I contacted the doctor, who was not concerned. So after some research, I did end up taking
a herbal tea product (shown above). 
The issues ceased within the week, so I continued taking it until we conceived.
(it is safe to take while trying to conceive, but it recommends to stop afterward)


I have to admit, before I did the whole "Facebook announcement thing" 
a few weeks ago, I was struggling with intense fear
of what others would think or say about our decision.

I really wanted people with negative comments to keep it to themselves.

And they did (if there were any!).

We had such a positive response; it was very encouraging for 
our family. We are SUPER thankful for all the love & support that has been shown to us
so far.

And don't worry, there will definitely be more updates to come!!!



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