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Tips For Creating Special Memories With Your Daughter

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Tips For Creating Special Memories
 With Your Daughter

So far, we have been blessed with four sons, and two daughters.

Two beautiful girls that I get to love & cherish...

Dreamed about.
And am so thankful that they're here.

Now, this post isn't to say that we don't create
special memories with our sons.

We do. That'll just be for another post :)

So, today I'll be sharing some practical tips to create 
precious memories with our daughters!

Get To Know Her. Study Her Interests.

If you want to build a stronger relationship with anyone,
you need to "study" their heart.

Get to know them.
What makes them tick & their likes/dislikes.

It works in marriage, and the same principles can
be applied in parenting.

Every child, girl or boy, is unique.
No two children will be the same, or necessarily enjoy
the same activities.

Find out what your daughter enjoys & is interested in; 
it will help you to select activities to engage in together that
will bless her heart!

Watch For Opportunities To Naturally Arise

A lot of relationship building is simply being attentive. 

With children, and the flow of life together,
there will naturally arise special opportunities
where you can bond with your girl.

Sometimes for me, this has come up on
an impromptu one-on-one shopping excursion.
Other times it's been a drive in the car.
A longer than usual bedtime of talking & cuddling.

Be attentive parents.
When those moments come up, we don't want to miss them!

Also, Plan Special Times Together!

Looking for natural opportunities is one side of the coin,
and the other is to plan special times together!

My children all love our one-on-one "date" nights.
Hubs & I take turns taking each child out (aside from 
the babies).

The last few have all been different & depended on 
the child's interest.

The most recent date with my eldest daughter consisted of a dinner & shopping date.

We had a lot of fun, and I could tell by the huge grin on her face,
that by the end of it, she was feeling loved & cherished.

Pray & Plan (Be Purposeful)

When we get together with our daughters,
I've learned we also need to be purposeful.

There are areas I've learned that need to be discussed, 
BEFORE a child/teen experiences them.

Preparing children (whether young or old) with our conversations 
helps them to be ready for life.

What do I mean by this?

Puberty for example.

It's a topic I've covered with our 10 year old daughter
a number of times.

I started the big changes around 11 years of age myself, 
and I don't want her to be shocked or scared
when any of these natural changes occur.

It's also important to be in prayer for all of our children!

& I've experienced
that time & time again, He is faithful to

Be A Good Listener

I think many of us often forget this verse...

(myself included!)

If there's any mistake I've made with my children-
and I'm sure many of you can relate- 
it's being "too" busy in the moment 
& missing an important conversation.

Learning to have a good set of listening ears
benefits all of our relationships, but in particular
it can benefit our young & impressionable daughters.

If they learn that Mom & Dad are a safe place
to talk (vent, cry, laugh, ask questions), then
it can help them to weather the storms of life 
as they grow & mature.

Be Trustworthy With Her Heart

Once you are purposeful in developing
a closer relationship with your daughters,
over time they will naturally begin to share 
larger & larger issues with you...

And this is where you need to be a 
"trustworthy" friend.

I do keep hubby in the loop about any major issues that crop up.

Also, if there's anything serious that arises, then we
need to look for back up support (i.e. say an eating disorder
came up, well then counselling would be in order), however
learning NOT to repeat personal information in front of strangers,& 
even your friends, is imperative!

Don't take the secrets of her heart & let her hear
you sharing them with a friend's mom.

Don't take the secrets of her heart & share them online
(she may not see them now, but one day she will prob 
be using the very same social media sites!!)

Don't take the secrets of her heart & 
even bring them up in front of her siblings.

Learn to guard your mouth, be selective in who you consult,
and show her that she can trust you with her deepest


Here is where I got my inspiration for this post from:

Our two daughters are now the tender ages of
10 & 2 years old.

My eldest daughter & I have recently planned an overnight
trip... just the two of us.

We will stay in a near by beautiful bed and breakfast (St. Jacob's), and
head to their local farmer's market. 

Some hikes may be on the
agenda, and of course, our fav restaurant (The Crossroads).

I'm sure they'll be lots of laughter & sharing.

She is 'over the moon' in excitement!!

And through this experience together, I am
hoping & praying that we'll continue to develop a 
stronger bond.

What about you: what do you do to cultivate a strong relationship with your daughter(s)?




  1. I have been blessed with two wonderful sons, but also some amazing nieces. Thanks for sharing these great ideas on how to connect more with them. Glad to see you share on #SocialButterflySunday and hope you link up again this week :)

    1. Awww, nieces are super sweet too! Always nice to build memories with them as well :)

      Thanks for hosting the link up!!! Love finding other bloggers to connect with.

  2. Being a childless 68 year old has brought sadness along my journey, but God's plans are not mine. In my early years (and first -not-so-good marriage) I made choices then that brought about circumstances that I live with today. Yet, I have been a school teacher and children's librarian, now a private tutor, so have taught many children, young children. I have had joy and still do. I know I have missed much, but my calling was not motherhood. I cherish what you have. I was able to care for my mother for 15 years as she aged to 98 years. We had precious times amidst really hard dementia and diabetes and falls/breaks. After three years, God is allowing the sweet moments to come to the surface while the hard ones go deeper and are less frequent to my memory.
    Well, you got more than you asked, but the time with your ten year old will be wonderful, and the way you love your children is absolutely the best. I wold have wanted to be a mother like you.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda
    @ Being Woven

  3. I have 4 sons and only 1 daughter, age 22. Just tonight, I sat in her bed with her and we talked. She is working 2 jobs and with so much activity in the house we have to be very intentional about spending time together.

    I would love to plan a trip with just the two of us. We have never done it and it is something that is needed! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Rachel,
    Love your book choices! I, too, cherish special times with my daughters. I have a 25 year old who's married and gone, and a 12 year old at home. We have weekly date times, and even though sometimes I'm so tempted to "pass" and do something "productive" (i.e. errands) I know someday she'll be too busy for me and I'm gonna miss her...
    I would love for you to share your post at our weekly link party - Coffee and Conversation. I know our readers would be blessed by it!!

  5. I have three daughters, and I love the time we have to spend together!

  6. My two grown daughters are very different but I've noticed when we're together those differences fade because we find a common denominator like physical exercise, hiking, lunches or dinners. I like your suggestions because it's about them, what makes them tick, who they are and how time alone with each one can be special that way!

  7. My two daughters are alike in some ways, but different in other ways. Both love God and serve our Lord. My youngest loves to coupon shop and give her stash to food and shelter organizations. At times she showers us with her surprises, and what we cant use goes to our local Hope Center. My niece is close to their age, and when we have a family gathering, they all talk at once. Listening is what I get to do. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.



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