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10 Reasons To Consider Home Education

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10 Reasons To Consider

I attended our local homeschooling convention
yesterday, and it was off the charts!!!

I ran into many fellow homeschooling parents
from our area, and met just as many new faces.

The workshops were amazingly inspiring,
and it was a great investment of my time.


So, while planning your child(ren)'s education for next year,
why not consider homeschooling as a viable option?

Here are ten reasons to consider it:

1) An Individualized Education

There's no possible way that a teacher with 30+ plus children
can give the same amount of adequate instructional time 
as you could. Not only do you have MORE time with each child,
but you can tailor their curriculum to their strengths & weaknesses.

2) Allows Children To Pursue Their Passions

Teach them the basics of communication (reading, writing & speaking), and 
of course have them achieve competency in math. Beyond that, the sky is truly
the limit in what you choose to explore!

Children are free to pursue their own interests, and as their career
path becomes more obvious, they can choose
their own electives to match.

3) Improved Family Relationships

When children are in school, we often don't see them from 7:30 a.m. 
(depending if they bus or walk) until 3:30 p.m., or even later. Of course,
once they're home they have supper, homework, and extra-curricular activities 
on top of all that!

Being home during the day allows Mom (or Dad) the opportunity to foster
a nurturing & caring relationship with their child.

4) Teach Them Life Skills

One thing my own education (public school) lacked was mastery of 
life skills (i.e. budgeting, relationship skills, taking care of a home, automobile,
job skills, etc.). We probably did touch on each in a superficial way, but when
I got out on my own, I struggled in many of these areas.

At home, children can master academics, but also have 
time to invest in basics such as: cooking, taking care of their things,
sewing/knitting, computer/internet navigation, changing a tire, 
managing their money, budgeting their time appropriately, etc.
(just as examples).

5) Work At Their Own Pace

Let's face it, not all children are given the same academic ability.

Children in the home environment are free to take their time 
to master material they find overly difficult, and vice versa, to sail
through work that doesn't adequately challenge them.

Both gifted, AND children with disabilities can excel in 
home education.

6) Less Time Wasted

Public school has the tremendously difficult job of keeping large
herds of children on task for hours of the day.

I don't envy them one single bit!

At home, your child's education can be achieved
with much greater efficiency.

They can start early in the a.m., or begin after their morning part-time job
(more on that in a moment), but it really only takes a reasonable
set of hours to keep on par (or advance) with children
at public school all day.

7) Option To Get A Job

A younger child may use extra money & his/her own incentive
to create something to sell to friends or family. 

They may also help do small odd jobs such as: walking pets, 
taking care of plants, or even extra chores for Mom or Dad (or grandparents).

Once they hit the teens, however, it becomes a different story.

They become a hot commodity, & because
of flexible hours, can find a range of legal jobs in their area.

Saving for college or university doesn't seem quite as daunting now.

8) Cultivate A Passion For Learning

One of the things that I 'lost' at school, was my passion
for learning...

I started out in the younger grades with a strong curiosity about life,
and all that was happening around me.

As the school years advanced, learning became monotonous,
and the lack of passion in (most) classrooms was more catching than 
anything else.

Learning can happen at home in SO many forms aside from 
your curriculum, 
that your child need never be bored!

Go visit a museum.

Act out a new concept you're learning.

Go for a nature hike.

9) Time For Acts Of Service

One of the aspects of homeschooling I've enjoyed most, is incorporating
acts of service with my children.

Whether it's been volunteering at our local food bank, or 
baking cookies for loved ones, all can be done in a spirit
of love for others.

The golden rule.

Easily implemented in home education.

10) Money Saved

Here's some of the costs associated with school 
that are NOT usually associated with home education:


-school supplies that aren't needed at home
(such as back pack, lunch pail)

-meal & snack supplies
(yes, packaged stuff costs more!)

-class trips

-extracurricular activities
(sport teams, special school clubs)

-fees for various requested items by teacher
(lap top requirements, special calculators, etc.)


-special outfits 
(special events, or for various school clubs)

-trendy hair cuts & anything "style" related to keep up with the 'Jones'
(not that we don't require if homeschooled, just not as frequently!)

These are only SOME of the reasons that I love homeschooling!


What about you: are you currently homeschooling?
If so, what was your main motivation?





  1. Oh, we homeschool for so many reasons, like safety, values, socialization (yes, we consider homeschooling a blessing when it comes to socialization! ), and all of the reasons you stated. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is GREAT! I tutor primary-aged children now, but am a retired public school teacher and children's librarian. I have not children, but would homeschool in a heartbeat! I help a homeschooling mother once a week with her youngest of 4. I love being around this family and the model they set for all they are around.

  3. Very nice point made here. I would love to pin it. Can you add a Pinterest plug-in ?



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