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The Top 10 Items You Need For Your Newborn

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When I was a brand spankin' new Mama, 
I recall that feeling of having to have EVERYthing!

I mean, all the gadgets advertisers are always begging us to buy.

All the baby gizmos & frills & whistles.

Now, that I've, you know, had a few kiddos...

I know better.

There're only a few things you really (I mean REALLY) need.

The rest is just extra icing on the cake.
If you get it, great. If not, then don't sweat it.


The Top Ten Items To Buy
For Your Newborn

1) Oodles O' Blankets (receiving, spit up, crib, warmer/less warm, etc.)

This is where I'd go a bit overboard.

With all the mess that newborns make, 
you may go through quite a lot of these
EVERY single day!

I've enjoyed those shoulder spit up smaller ones,
and as well as, the bigger receiving ones. 

And warm fuzzy ones to snuggle them in.
And crib blankets (optional; see below)

And you might as well throw in some cloth (or plastic) bibs here
why you're at it.

It's all in containing that mess!

2) What To Wear (Sleepers & Onesies; Outfits of Choice)
***take into consideration sizes & seasons

My babies come out big, so we just skip the newborn sizes
and go straight to 0-3 months.

Take into consideration the season you're projected to deliver in.
How much laundry per day you can get by with
(for number of outfits to calculate).

Buy a bit bigger than you expect,
but don't go too big.

With my later children,
I bought second hand sleepers, or have
hosted clothing swaps with friends.

They grow so fast.
Do NOT spend too much on this category!

(maybe just that one special baby dedication outfit, but that's it!)

Oh, and special mention, you may want baby laundry detergent,
but we just use free & clear detergent for everyone, so that works too :)

3) Diapers & Wipes (diaper bag, creams, etc.)

A simple diaper bag.

A whole bunch of wipes
(you cannot buy too much of these!!),
and lots of diapers. 

 I concentrate on size 1 & up. Newborn (for us)
lasts maybe a week, if even!

1 & 2's usually last quite awhile, and with 10-12 diapers
per day in the beginning, you are going to go through a lot.

A nice diaper cream of choice.

And you're good to go!

4) Bottle and/or Breast Feeding Supplies
(***note: if breastfeeding, Vitamin D drops)

I have breast fed all of my children (but not all went successfully).

Just a prepared for what may happen.

If you really, really want to breast feed (which is best for you
& baby), then find some support ahead of time.

The first while always hurt me (A LOT), but I used
a special cream (Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers, 40 Grams)
 and it lessened it with the later ones.

If bottle feeding, then you need to select:
bottles of choice, cleaning/sanitizing system, formula of choice
& be ready to switch nipple flow size as baby grows (or if baby is fussy 
on one particular flow/nipple).

Breast fed babies on our continent need extra Vitamin D.
Buy the drops for baby, and you'll be set to go!

5) Somewhere To Sleep/Sit
(i.e. crib, baby layette, bassinet, bouncy chair or ExerSaucer) 

For our newborns, we've had them either right in the crib
OR a bassinet. But there are tons of options.

Even for co-sleeping parents, there are co-sleeping options
that are safer than before (i.e. The First Years Close And Secure Sleeper)

(I roll too much in my sleep and our bed is high. Not chancing it, but 
many of my friends have their system going)

For daytime, I put the baby to "play" in a bouncy simple seat on the floor.

Older babies seem to enjoy the ExerSaucer, but floor & tummy time 
is still important.

All the other fancy gadgets are optional.

Also, swings are great, but not all babies like them.

Two of my babies were very fussy & loved the helped to settle them down.

(another item to seek out used & in good condition, if possible)

6) Stroller & Car Seat (set or not)

I've never had a set that fit together, but some of my friends swear by them!

A simple stroller that takes you & baby from A to Z will suffice.

Now, a car seat you have to be choosy with.
There are dates to check & verify.

I don't recommend you receive them used at all, unless
you know the person WELL (no prior accidents with the seat),
 and the date is okay still.

although a few friends have given me almost brand new ones 
they no longer needed. Dates were okay)

Note: you may also want to purchase a sling.
I personally tried to wear my baby, but it hurt my back,
and it didn't feel comfortable. But there are TONS of Mamas
that love that experience! Another optional purchase.

7) Medical Supplies 
(thermometer-just one that works! & nasal aspirator, infant Tylenol, etc.)

A thermometer is a must.

Babies can spike fevers very very quickly,
and you want to know what you're dealing with 
when you call the Doctor.

But fancy?
I don't think it's necessary.

Just that it works.

Infant Tylenol is helpful to have on hand, in case.

Nasal aspirators have come in handy from time to time
(those sucky things you stick up their nostrils), so another
item to consider purchasing.

8) Bath Supplies
(washcloths, towels-could use regular towels though! &
either a baby bath, or take baby into bath with you; shampoo/soap)

I used to buy baby baths, but I ended up not using them,
forgoing it.

We just bathe them in the sink.
It's at a better level for my back, and I feel more
in control of the baby in my arms.

When they get bigger, I bring them
to the regular bath, and they can always jump
in with one of us as well.

Cloths are good, but we just use regular ones (more durable), 
and regular towels (warmer & thicker).

Shampoo and soap smells nice, but again,
with newborns you don't really need that much.

9) Beauty Care Supplies
(nail clippers, baby comb, Q-tips, optional are hair accessories, hats, etc.)

I actually don't use nail clippers til much later.

I find my newborn nails seem to rip off okay, or I bite them off...

But, if you do choose to use clippers, just be super careful.
They can cut very easily as their areas as so much more sensitive than ours.

Q-tips are helpful for cleaning. Or those cotton balls. (around ears & belly button)

I actually have had to use a regular brush with my last baby. His hair
was SO thick!! (he had five hair cuts before he turned one years old)

The other stuff is just for fun (accessories for hair).

10) Toys!
(basic things to look at or shake are all that is needed)

When babies are very little, they like contrasts.

Black & white pictures for babies will suffice.

As they get older, they'll enjoy chew toys, and things that shake.

Stuffed animals are nice, but they often just become dust collectors.

One or two special ones usually are good enough for cuddling.
(but do not leave in crib or sleeping area period!!!)


Honestly, out of that list, there are still some things I've done without.

Don't let our consumeristic society fool you...

Our newborns will be small for only such a short time!

Try to buy only the bare essentials, and don't worry about the frills :)

(plus, relatives or friends might end up splurging on your behalf!!!)

***Special Note: This article is
for educational purposes only. For anything medical related,
you are to see your health care provider
(for any specific questions relating to your particular situation).


What about you: 
what was a MUST when you had an newborn?





  1. I'm definitely having lavender oil on hand this time to mix with coconut oil to rub on babies feet. I'm 38 weeks with number 2. I've heard so many testimonies from my friends of how calming this is for them and works great on Miss 2.

  2. Great list, Rachael! It's so true that as we have more children, I think we realize what we REALLY need and what is just taking up space.

    I'm expecting baby #3 currently and one "must have" that I did end up buying with our second baby was a rocking portable basinette. He was a fussy little guy and that was the only way to comfort him (besides holding him!). I'm glad to have it right away for our next baby! And a baby carrier or moby wrap is a must for me as well. And a jogging stroller, too ;)



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