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5 Tips For Calming The Chaos With Tots!

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My first two babies were only 16 months apart.

After our second baby boy turned 1, we then officially had
TWO tots in the house.

It was crazy, crazy busy!!

I remember the feeling of being completely overwhelmed...

Now with number 7 on the way,
and a 1 & a 2-year-old already on the scene,
I'm living in that season again.

Having tots in the home definitely calls for some adjustments.


5 Tips For Calming
The Chaos With Tots

1) Keep your schedule simple.

When you're raising toddlers, you will often feel tired.
It's NOT easy to keep up with constantly moving & busy 
little ones. 

Don't overbook your tot's schedule OR yours.

However, having a general plan of what you want the day to look like
 will help everything to flow much better. Toddlers also seem to fare
better with routine.

You should plan your day out, but remember to do it very very loosely.
(toddlers are famous for interrupting our very best of plans!)

2) Have reasonable expectations.

What is reasonable behaviour for their age?
There are many great sites with that info (here's one), but in general,
do NOT expect your one-year-old to behave like a two-year-old, 
and so on & so forth.

Children should have reasonable limits set, and as they grow,
you can begin teaching your toddler which behaviours
are acceptable.

I won't get into the gamut of consequences/discipline techniques
that are out there. I use a variety myself.

Just ensure that your young one is fully able to understand what you're 
expecting of them. 

Once they do, then consistently enforce the boundaries.

3) Nourish them well.

that well nourished our souls.

However, that said, we ate WAY too much junk food!

I learned a lesson I've had to be reminded of many times:
too much non-nourishing food & your tot will pay.

This time, our tot developed very loose stools & a bloated tummy...

Since being home, we've started him on some probiotics,
and already nourished him with much better food choices.

He seems in better spirits already.

***The basics: adequate quality protein, good fats, complex carbs, and plenty
of veggies & fruits (although fruit juice should be limited).

4) Make time for rest.

Toddlers play hard, but they also need to rest "hard". Plus, if
your tot is NOT resting enough, you will pay for it with
extra tantrums, and most likely a pretty grumpy
demeanor...just not worth it!

This would include regular nap times for your little ones
(1-3 naps depending on your tot's needs), as well as times 
where you get to rest.

I can't nap during the day (unless Dad is home), but I 
take full advantage of weekends where I can take
it a bit easier.

5) Keep a pretty steady bedtime routine.

Toddlers love routines.
They particularly seem to thrive when their bedtimes
are structured (even loosely).

In fact, our 2-year-old will recite to us
what is supposed to happen next. 

"Okay, now Daddy is going to read me a story, then..."

Usually, for us, this means time with Daddy (since he worked
most of the day), and a story, pj's on, and teeth cleaned.
Lastly, a song or two, and prayer. 

Simple, but it works!

****BONUS! Have a good solid support system.

I know I said I'd only share FIVE tips, but
this one probably takes the cake.

When you're raising a tot or two (or more!), you NEED
back up. Reinforcement.

Example include --> Babysitters, family support,
library story times, play groups, friends to get together with,
and of course, church or mom groups are also fantastic!

Just ensure you have some support.

If you're struggling to find support in your area, consider
checking out a nearby church. They usually have
regular mom activities going on. (and if they don't, ask around for 
one that does).


***Special Note: This article is
for educational purposes only. For anything medical related,
you are to see your health care provider


Question on blog: what tip(s) have you 
found to be helpful in raising YOUR toddler?





  1. Great blog. We currently have a 2&3 year old at home (plus 10&13). This really spoke to me. Tips I have is getting out in morning helps with nap time and quieter afternoon at home and early bedtimes. Enough sleep is so key with children and not done enough these days. Early bedtimes also gives parents time to recharge themselves too. Thanks for these great blogs (& clothing swaps too lol)

  2. I was trying to remember what helped me during that time and I remember going to a MOPS group (Mother of Preschoolers). That was nice to get to know other Moms. Sometimes just having someone hang out while we do school helps, too! Right now my kids are 11, 9, 7, 3 and almost 2 months. It is crazy to see the different seasons and have grace through it all. Thank God He is with me when I seem to not have anything left. :)



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