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The Wonderful World Of Being Pregnant!

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I'm currently in my 34th week of pregnancy.
& I have to admit that I can't wait to be done!

The discomforts are getting to me...

I don't have the luxury of babying myself,
as in times of expecting in the past.

and most days it is really really crazy busy.

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Pregnancy isn't easy for most of us.
(although I do have a few friends that maintain
that they could barely notice their condition...pshaw!)

Today, I want to discuss some of the joys & trials of pregnancy.


The Wonderful World
Of Being Pregnant

This is my pregnancy MO in a nutshell:

First Trimester Woes: intense nausea, all day fatigue, constant cravings, everything
smelling so intense it about drives me crazy, moodiness commences, wake up to go the bathroom throughout the night, excited for baby but beginning to wonder what craziness possessed me to do this pregnancy thing again!!!

Second Trimester Fun: ever expanding belly, immune system lowered so increased
rashes & allergic reactions, excited for baby but continuing to re-think the whole pregnancy thing, just starting the discomforts of back, hip & leg pain; forgetfulness, continue
with moodiness

Third Trimester Countdown: super duper expanding belly, people ask me on a regular basis if I'm having twins OR if I'm due any day now, back/hip/leg pain increasing, 
up through the night to go the bathroom again, tons of swelling & pressure all over,
feeling ready to deliver any day now...
(still rethinking the whole baby thing...have to be continually reminded of the outcome!)

Can anyone else relate??


So the pattern I experience is this:

 I fight a constant battle in my mind to overcome
the physical & emotional pressure of pregnancy,
and keep the end goal in mind: a baby.

I LOVE children.

I love all of the children that God has
graciously blessed us with.

"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3

Even on the hard days.
The really really hard ones.
(and yes, I have them)

Pregnancy for me is a trial 
that I've willingly signed on
for that lasts about 10 months.


The beautiful JOYS of pregnancy are there as well.

The first time you feel that flutter
deep inside your belly.


That first ultrasound.

You can hardly believe there's another 
living being inside of you!

When you are finally able to feel the baby move
from the outside.

Hubby, and if you have other kidlets,
can now feel it too...

Special moments.


However, the absolute BEST moment for me
during pregnancy is this: when it ends.

Once I feel that precious child
come out & the midwife pulls
him or her onto my belly.

I look into those sweet clear eyes,
and I am always floored
at the emotions that overtake me.

Then I know that it was all worth it...

Every single moment.

Every single trial.

Every single hardship.

All of this for new life.

And I wouldn't trade it for the whole world!


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for educational purposes only. For anything medical related,
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Question on blog: what has been
your most special moment in pregnancy?




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  1. It's a wild ride. I get so sick and exhausted in the first trimester, and so uncomfortable at the end! Good thing those little people are always worth it.



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